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Month: May 2015

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FIFA 16 Release Date Leaked by Amazon

FIFA series has always been popular with players. FIFA 16 will be tested in all kinds of platforms in May. At that time, players can download the beta to experience FIFA 16 and the newly added game fun and game experience.

FIFA 16 Amazon 1

The release date of FIFA 16 is always the focus of players. Recently in Italian Amazon, they release FIFA 16 release date in advance. The date is Sep 24, 2015. Although it is only a rumor, the date is consistent with FIFA series releasing time.

Besides, Amazon also said that FIFA 16 also can login in the old platforms such as XBOX 360 and PS3. Now Italian Amazon has mofified FIFA 16 release time.


ArcheAge Setting Sailing Closed Beta Advertising Video [China]

Does anyone play on the Chinese servers?

I’m currently playing on the chinese servers, and i’m looking to see if any other foreigners (westerners) play on here as well.

FIFA 16 Release Date

FIFA 16 will be available on following platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC powered by the EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine. Also available on Xbox 360, PS3 and other platforms. Release date is scheduled on the 23rd of September 2015 in North America, 25th of September 2015 in Europe and 26th of September 2015 UK.

FIFA 16 Career Mode Wish List

It may seem a little premature to be talking about FIFA 16 already, but this time of year is exactly when EA will start making decisions about the modes in next years game.


Player tattoo’s, more haircuts etc to make players and managers look more authentic.

Injured players get treated on pitch.

Choice of Underarmour, more gk gloves, real life updates to work on career mode aswell such as boots, hairstyles etc.

Create manager looks or pick real life manager and see on sideline.

Keep money for the next season instead of resetting.

Fans with flares, more stewards/police around away end.

Hear players shouting/communicating with others.

Fans leaving stadium before full time if losing by a few goals.

Play training sessions in career mode.

Ref spraying white spray on pitch for free kicks.

Make youth academy better and when you sign a young player to first team

More commentators.

Other managers getting sacked for poor performances

Sub a player without going on pause menu.

Players crowd around the ref or linesman for a bad tackle or wrong decision and Away team managers disagree with added injury time and you can see it visually


The option to become club owner as well as manager, could develop on this idea with ticket sales contributing towards transfer budget. The more you are winning games/the bigger league you are in the more ticket sales you will earn and the more atmospheric the crowd will be.

In depth player lives, occasionally you will hear headlines of your players in the news such as “Crashed car” or “broken up with girlfriend” etc which for one or two games will effect the way they play to more aggressive or out of form etc.

Create manager option and other managers will be shown. For example Mourinho etc.

A twitter feed as well as a newspaper on headlines etc.

On the “Edit Player” option add in a beard in which will grow over time.

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