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Forza Horizon 5 modifies MG Metro to improve rally performance

The MG Metro, a compact car with a rich rally history, is one of the many vehicles available in Forza Horizon 5. With its flexible handling and lightweight frame, it is a prime candidate for rally racing. If you want to further improve its off-road performance, you need to prepare enough Forza Horizon 5 credits to upgrade the vehicle.

Upgraded MG Metro powertrain and accessories
In order to maximize the potential of the MG Metro, upgrades and replacements of accessories such as the power system and tires are required.

While the MG Metro comes with a decent engine, players can opt for an engine swap to improve its performance. Options include a 3.5L V6 twin-turbocharged engine that significantly increases horsepower. Turbocharging the MG Metro improves its class and performance. With the right upgrades, players can push their cars to the top of the S1 ranks.

In order to get a better grip on off-road tracks, you need to upgrade to wider tires, which is very important and will affect the car’s performance in corners. The game allows for tire widths up to 345s, which will provide the MG Metro with unparalleled traction.

In addition to tires, players can also enhance various components, from the suspension frame to the brake discs, to make the car more competitive while maintaining handling stability.

Data comparison before and after the upgrade

It can be seen from the above data that MG Metro’s Peak Power has been greatly improved, and the upgrade cost is not too expensive, only 79200 FH5 CR.

After the MG Metro is fully upgraded, the next step is to choose a suitable track for race testing. The game offers a variety of rally racing tracks, with CALDERA SCRAMBLE being a classic choice for testing your car’s performance.

This was a Class D match held in Caldera, Mexico. This is a dirt track, a track in the dirt category, that mixes tight turns and long straights, requiring players to complete the race as quickly as possible. This is a challenging game, and most players will have a hard time completing it.

There are certain advantages to using MG Metro for racing on this track. The compact body size and powerful power system upgrade, coupled with superb cornering technology and correct braking, allow players to experience this upgraded MG Metro. Good handling.

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