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Monopoly GO: How To Get The Specific Stickers

Securing the stickers for Monopoly GO poses a notable challenge, yet various strategies can be employed for success. However, some specific sticker holds significant allure due to their impressive 5-star rating, setting them apart as a more demanding acquisition compared to other stickers within the game. So you need some strategic gameplay and luck to enhance your likelihood of attaining this coveted and rare sticker. In this guide, we will show you the best ways to get the specific stickers!

Buying Specific Stickers Online

This is the best way to get Monopoly Go Specific Stickers. Whether you’re looking for 5-star stickers or extremely rare golden stickers, you can directly purchase them from a trusted third-party store, such as U4gm. The only thing to note is that golden stickers can only be traded during golden events. If you buy stickers for Monopoly Go from U4gm, you will not only enjoy an extra 5% off with code “Mods” but also receive your purchased sticker within 5 minutes. Of Course, 100% legal – You can buy any stickers you want here!

Trading Specific Stickers With Others

Stickers are obtained randomly from Sticker Packs, so sometimes you will find duplicates. And the best way to use them is to trade with other players for Specific Stickers. To trade Stickers in Monopoly GO, you need to first add a player to your friends’ list. You can also join the official Monopoly GO Trading Group on Facebook to find players with whom you can trade. There, you can post the Stickers that you need and which you can trade. When the player with whom you want to trade Stickers is on your friend’s list, you can start trading. But be wary of too-good-to-be-true trades, for example, someone who offers u a 5-star for a 4-star. Scammers will try to entice u and make u send first saying that their sticker is worth more. Try to always find 1:1 with 5 stars and a reasonable amount of stars for a star trade.

Getting Wild Stickers Use for Specific Stickers

Monopoly GO Wild Stickers are spe­cial items you can collect. They le­t you choose any sticker you don’t have ye­t to fill in your album. When you collect sticker albums, there’ll be times where your pack is short by one or two stickers to complete a set. It should be too hard for you to sit around waiting on them. Wild stickers let you convert the stickers you need; thus, enabling the quick completion of multipler album sets. The only way to get Wild Stickers is through participation in events that are offered for a limited time only. The most common types of these events include tournaments and milestone events. You can also buy sticker Gold Vault containing wild stickers.

Buy Sticker Vaults With Stars for Specific Stickers

Any sticker duplicates you get to become stars, with gold stickers being twice their star value. These stars can be used to open various sticker vaults, especially the purple sticker vault that has a blue, purple, and Galaxy pack. This method can be combined with the awesome Sticker Boom boost. These usually happen the day after Golden Blitz events, but they also tend to appear once every four or five days. For one hour, every sticker pack you earn becomes 50% larger. This bonus is so powerful that you may want to wait for a Sticker Pack before opening any packs.

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What Is The Monopoly Go Best Multiplier To Use

What Is The Monopoly Go Best Multiplier To Use

Dice Multipliers can be the fast lanes for maxing out your level in Monopoly Go. This buff can affect anything from the rewards you collect from the board to how fast you complete a lucrative Tournament. For example, rolling dice on ×5 Multiplier increases your chances of grabbing shield, cash, or rent by a factor of five but consumes five dice.

The multiplier for dice rolls runs from the low x1 to the high x100. Then during a High Roller boost, if you have more than 10,000 dice saved, you can also roll with a whopping x1000. But as you might suspect, there’s a bit of strategy involved when it comes to picking the right multiplier. Here’s a breakdown of the best multiplier to use in Monopoly Go.

For General Dice Rolls: A x3 multiplier is recommended for standard rolls. This multiplier helps to balance out any losses you might incur from landing on tax tiles or going to jail, making it a solid choice for maintaining your resources while moving around the board.

For Event Points (Main Events and Tournaments): The x1000 High Roller multiplier is considered the most efficient for earning event points during main events and tournaments. While it requires a bit of luck to land on the most beneficial spaces, this multiplier significantly speeds up the process of accumulating points.

For Partner Event Wheel Spins: A x5 multiplier is advised for spins in partner events. This level of multiplier increases the chances of landing on the Partner space, thereby allowing both you and your co-op partner to earn more event currency for additional spins.

For Peg-E Event: A x10 multiplier is optimal for the Peg-E event, as it ensures that if the Peg-E chip hits a bumper, it will gain enough with each hit to potentially provide a significant boost in rewards, such as extra dice or Peg-E tokens.

Choosing the right multiplier depends on your current objectives and the specific event you’re participating in within the game. Adjust your strategy according to these recommendations to maximize your efficiency and success in Monopoly Go.

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