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A New Beast Tamer Character Chase Added To Maplestory

Yesterday, Maplestory official revealed an amazing character job which can tame beasts. I believe that this character will become a big surprise for our gamers.

Here is the event details:

Wednesday, November 30 to Tuesday, December 27


Chase, the Beast Tamer, is a simple girl with big dreams. One day she saves a cat named Arby, and gains the ability to control animals through Arby’s mysterious powers.

As Chase and Arby set out for adventure, more animals flock to their side. Now Chase can harness the power of Fort the Bear, Lai the Snow Leopard, Eka the Hawk, and of course, Arby the Cat. Each animal power Chase uses bestows different personality characteristics and strengths for dynamic gameplay.

Chase has over 70 diverse skills, and since there are four animal modes, it’s easy to find one tailored just for you! Fort the Bear deals massive damage from a stationary position, while Lai the Snow Leopard specializes in dash and jump attacks, allowing you to quickly sweep across the battlefield.

Eka the Hawk can soar into the sky with flying and sliding moves. Arby the Cat has passive skills and is a party support specialist, and can deal out party buffs.

If you’ve ever dreamed of communing with animals, now’s your chance. Take control of Chase and become one with the wild!

Note: The Beast Tamer character job is BACK for a limited time!

Are you ready to join the Beast Tamer Character Creation Event? You won’t miss it!

NBA 2K17 Tips On How To Create Custom Jerseys & Arenas

As one of the highlights of NBA 2K17, MyTeam mode combines the best elements of its previous versions to create the best single game made in the sports gaming industry. There are many parts players can custom-made, such as jerseys and arenas.

NBA 2K17 custom jerseys & arenas can be used to make your team player feel more unique. You can use preset patterns for uniforms, or you can upload images to the game’s server and use them to create custom courts & uniforms. The options are well hidden, nested in one of the game’s many menus. This guide will show you how to make custom jerseys and arenas in NBA 2K17.


Create Custom Jerseys

If you want a custom uniform for your MyTeam, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to MyTeam
  2. Select Manage Team
  3. Choose Design Uniform

Sadly, the option will be locked until you’ve collected at least 40 cards. You can either get them by playing the game, or buy them using VC and MT coins. There seems to be only one super expensive card pack available right now, but it will surely give you great cards if you decide to buy it. Other packs might be added at a later date.

Make Custom Arenas

Custom arenas work the same way as jerseys. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Select MyTeam from the menu
  2. Choose Manage Team
  3. Go to Design Arena

As with the jerseys, this option won’t be available from the start. You’ll need to get 45 cards in order to access it. If you’re patient, you can get them by simply playing MyTeam mode. If you’re in a hurry, you can buy card packs. Since you get 20-odd cards simply by starting the game, you won’t have to grind too much in order to get the amount you need.

More NBA 2K17 tutorials please keep eyes on! We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game.

NBA 2K17 Against West Ham: Who Is Winner

Speaking of the Tottenham Hotspur star Erik Lamela, On the pitch, known for his flair, he can be successfully transferred his skills perfectly to the virtual basketball world. at a game of NBA 2K17, To Make sure that a 47-36 victory over West Ham defender Diafra Sakho. For a portion of the opening game of the second round of the NBA 2K17 celebrity Gaming Tournament. Now it’s time to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.


Playing as the San Antonio Spurs, the talented Argentinian international faced a tough opponent, with Sakho’s Cleveland Cavaliers able to keep the score level until the third quarter of the game.

But Sakho, who scored the opening goal in the Premier League clash against Manchester United on Sunday, was then outclassed in the final quarter and was never able to strike back, losing to Lamela by 11 points. The Argentinian will now face off against the winner between England rugby star Anthony Watson and British rapper Krept, from the duo Krept and Konan, in the semi-finals of the tournament.

After his victory, according to Lamela, he said: It was a very good game. I won, so I’m happy, but my opponent played really well.” At the same time, Sakho took the loss well and said: “I now have to support Lamela in this tournament. since he beat me. On Friday, The 16-person tournament will continue, which is with the all-Arsenal game between teammates Hector Bellerin as well as Carl Jenkinson. More playable gaming, first of all, you have to buy NBA 2K17 MT.

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