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Mu Legend Features: Endless Tower And Guild System

Mu Legend is a highly awaited MMO action game, as we all know, it’s a continuation of MU Online. Bring a soft and adorable ‘n’ slash hacking style, as well as games that satisfy both solo and party players, in a full and exciting world. Now, are you ready to try the latest games from Webzen, MU Legend? Here is fully details and guides, tricks:


Mu Legend Features Include:

Guild System
Create or join a guild. Player will benefit more in line with the development of guild. In the final stages you will get your own airship and can adventure on the latest upcoming content.

Rift is a dungeon where every time a player enters it, the structure and the monster will be adjusted to the player’s character. In a certain period Rift will present an extra challenge that is Dark Rift, players will get more prizes when entering the dungeon in this period.

Altar of Spirits
Nestled on forgotten forest ruins, Altar of Spirits is a team-based PvP zone. The matches available are 5v5 to 10v10, and each team is assigned to seize the altar. U4GM, as a leading Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling supplier, and gamers tend to buy Mu Legend Zen by visiting U4GM.

Endless Tower
The Endless Tower connects the heavens and the earth, and for those who reach the peak can talk to the gods.

Mu Legend animations and graphics are decent enough but not amazing, effects are moderately flashy. Additionally,there are five playable classes, each with 14 different unlockable skills, a secondary leveling system called Soul Level that fine-tunes minor stats, upgradable gear, a crafting system and a long, quest-based story. More and more gamers are prone to buy Mu Legend Zen at U4GM with instant delivery.

ESO: Morrowind Naryu Series – The Wardens

ZeniMax Online Studios has just uploaded a new video for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind and it’s time again to show us the expanses of the next extension Morrowind. Thus, it is the assassin Naryu Viran who continues to guide us and this time, it is with the Wardens that one surrenders.

In the video, we will discover a Warden (guardian) which is the new class that will be playable in the MMO RPG and one can discover the possibilities of it. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will be available on June 6th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Note also that some players will be able to participate in an early access period.

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Albion Online Outland Two Major Changes And Details

Recently, in the latest major update, some new major features as well as minor tweaks were introduced to Albion Online. Remarkable change is a complete overhaul of the Outland aiming to bring all gamers together no matter they are playing alone or as a group. Galahad update was launched for a long time, and it brings a brand new royal continent layout, more new content can be previewed here:


Speaking of the first change, which is a new combination between safe as well as dangerous area. Outland will be separated into different types of area. The outside area of the land will be relatively safe but with lower reward in return. It is suitable for solo players and small guilds. Practically, gamers have great passion for acquiring albion online gold in time.

The second major change of the outland is a new timezone system, encouraging an interaction across timezone, especially for the big guilds. In a previous system, top guilds cannot fight one another if they are in a different timezone as the distance between their locations is too large.

In addition, the outland hasn’t finished yet. It is still a working in the process. There are a lot more areas that can be expanded in the future. It’s safe to say that U4GM offers cheap albion online gold to gamers. In a nutshell, gamers are crazy about buying cheap albion online gold, gold play a vital role in the game.

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