Month: December 2017

Madden 18: MUT Is A Game Of Fantasy Football And It Could Do Much More

Presumably, Madden NFL 18 is the first release in the Franchise’s history to use the Frostbite Engine, a foundation for game creation from the Battlefield team. In terms of visual fidelity and general quality of animation, and it will be interesting to see what it adds to Madden NFL 18, on some aspects such as visuals and physics, the game also made many of changes and tweaks. We will reveal these changes in the following aspects:

Madden 18

Online Team Play
Online team play has not been seen since Madden NFL 14, and it allowed groups of up to three players to take control of a team and face off against another three online. Admittedly, matches were often defined more by the level of chaos they contained than any overwhelmingly skilful play. Madden NFL 18 features support for up to six players online.

Improved Visuals And Physics
Frostbite should result in far superior physics between players and the ball. Too often in Madden NFL 18, you’d witness awkward bending of limbs or players becoming glued to those around them when trying to force their way past a pack of lineman. Wiping out such instances would go a long way to increasing the sense of realism.

Add A Sense Of Grandeur To Madden Ultimate Team
MUT is essentially a game of fantasy football and it could do much more in terms of making you feel like you’re part of the fantasy. For all its popularity, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) has never taken full advantage of how skilled the real NFL is at creating a larger than life atmosphere around the sport. A host of what might seem like small, novelty new features would go an enormous way to aligning MUT’s presentation with that of the NFL.

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PoE Official Announced New Skill and Support Gem Interactions

Recently, GGG announced new skill and support gem interactions. This post focuses on talking in more depth about these new gems and their how they interact with others.


UNEARTH fires a physical projectile into the ground where you target, creating a corpse you can use with other skills.


CREMATION Cremation explodes a corpse and replaces it with a fiery geyser. This geyser throws flaming shards all around it that deal damage in a large area. You can have up to three cremation effects active at once.


SPELL CASCADE reduces the power and size of an area targeted spell, but performs the effect three times in a line as an outward-moving cascade.


VOLATLLE DEAD turns up to three corpses into fiery orbs that chase down enemies and explode.


STORM BARRIER gives you a protective barrier while you cast supported channelling skills, while also being able to generate power charges when you’re hit.


BODYSWAP explodes your old body and recreates you from a nearby corpse, dealing damage where you were and where you appear.


VOLLEY adds two extra projectiles, and lets a portion of your projectiles be fired from adjacent points.

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