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Month: February 2018

Path Of Exile: Update 3.2.0 Brings Beasts Into Play

The highly successful F2P RPG action path Path of Exile continues in March with the update 3.2.0 (Bestiary), which sends players on a monster hunt. In the Bestiary Challenge League, the player learns how to catch the beasts, keep them in the Menagerie, or sacrifice them to gain powerful Path of Exile items.

The fantasy action role-playing game Path of Exile by indie developer Grinding Gear Games has been causing quite a stir since 2013. On average, the Free2Play game gets ratings around 90 percent. Path of Exile is easy to install and start on Steam and is regularly supplied with new content. Currently, ten chapters can be played alone or in a co-op (PvP is also possible), and on March 2nd it will continue with the Bestiary 3.2.0 update.

In the Bestiary Challenge League, hunter and scavenger Einhar Frey teaches the players how to catch beasts and trap them in the Menagerie. Those who are good at it are even able to catch legendary beasts – but these are not only rare but also unpredictable. Advances in catching the beasts are recorded in the Bestiary, a comprehensive book that classifies and describes the existence of wildlife in Wraeclast. Captured beasts can be sacrificed on the Blood Altar to create and modify powerful items using special recipes. The Beastcraft also opens a portal into the Spirit Lands to kill one of four different Spirit Beasts, rewarded with unique items and new customization options.

In addition to the beasts, there is also an endgame fight against the Uber Elders. In addition, each of the 19 Ascendancy classes will be revised to ensure an equivalent level of performance. Many of the ascendancy classes have been updated with new mechanics that allow for new builds. In addition, Content Update 3.2.0 adds three new gems (the ‘Spectral Shield Throw’ and ‘Tectonic Strike’ skill gems, as well as the new support gem ‘Summon Phantasm on Kill’), 30 new unique Fated Unique Items from soothsayer Navali, a new quest in Act 10, 29 new unique items, 10 new Divination Cards and many more changes.

There will also be two new supporter packs, the Harpy and Manticore Supporter Packs. Both packs also offer an upgrade option with other benefits. The packs include exclusive armor sets, pets, weapon effects, social frames, forum titles, and more. The basic packs cost 25 euros, the revaluations 50 euros.

PoE New Fragment Tab And More Will Be Discounted

In Path of Exile, GGG are holding a Super Stash Sale, all Stash Tabs will be discounted. Including the new Fragment Tab, Map Tab (PC only), Premium Stash Tab Bundles, Premium Quad Stash Tabs, Currency Tabs and even Guild Stash Tabs! The sale runs all weekend and end at Feb 26, 2018 8:00 PM.

Path of Exile

Currency Stash Tab: add a Currency Stash Tab to your account. Currency Stash Tabs can hold 5000 of many poe currency types. Currency stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools.

Fragment Stash Tab: add a Fragment Stash Tab to your account. Fragment Stash Tabs can hold 5000 of each Fragment type. Fragment stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools.

Map Stash Tab: add a Map Stash Tab to your account. Map stash tabs can hold 72 of each map type. Map stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools.

Premium Stash Tab Bundle: adds six extra premium tabs to your shared stash (at a discounted price). Premium tabs can have their name and colour changed whenever you want. Premium stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools.

Premium Quad Stash Tab: add a premium Quad Stash Tab to your account. Premium Quad Stash Tabs have four times the space of regular Stash Tabs. Premium Quad stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools.

Premium Guild Stash Tab: add a premium stash tab to your Guild Stash. Access permissions for Officers and Members can be set. Only Guild Leaders can buy this.

Divination Stash Tab: add a Divination Stash Tab to your account. Divination Stash Tabs can hold 5000 of each Divination Card. Divination stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools.

Essence Stash Tab: add an Essence Tab to your account. Essence Stash Tabs can hold 5000 of each Essence type. Essence stash tabs can be listed as public, allowing them to integrate with community trade tools.

In the meantime, there is only a week left before the launch of Content Update 3.2.0. At the time of release, the Abyss Brimmed Hat will leave the store forever, so don’t miss your chance to add this league-exclusive to your collection! By the way, buy chaos orbs on U4GM if you lack of currency in game.

GGG Announced PoE Unique Item Concept Art From 3.2.0

In Path of Exile, GGG has been working hard to provide players with a quality gaming experience. Recently, GGG shared concept art from several upcoming unique poe items from 3.2.0, because players are eager to know its details! Let’s take a look at these concept art of unique items.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Wow, is looks so wonderful that I am excited. Let’s take a look at the players’ opinions:

1) I wonder if someday we gonna get a area underwater. Stranger creatures from the depths, corals, some fish passing through, ancient ships with treasures and of course a op boss to protect it, and a lot of other things lol, that’s all because the helmet in the preview make me think about it.

2) The helm and wand looks cool. The metal spiked helmet looks freakin cool. I hope for new hipsterbuild-enabling uniques with cool mechanics (like Eye of Innocence).

3) An underwater section (especially using the amazing light refraction effect from a recent news post) could be gorgeous. Would love some maps under the sea, though I’d be curious how they’d make it consistent with lore.

4) “Content Update 3.2.0”? Weren’t we supposed to go back to content updates every two leagues release schedule? Also, that first tentacle armor looks like new Elder Unique. Potential drop from not avaiable yet Final Uber Elder fight?

5) Second one looks like Barry the Chopper from FMA. Let’s hope they have 3d art.

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Do You Think A Sextant Rework Is Needed In PoE

In Path of Exile, a common way to run sextants nowadays is to prepare the atlas by sextant blocking and running a single map. This approach raises the price of the sextants to a limit where this is the only profitable way to use them, so for other players that can’t afford the investement or want to run different maps it’s almost always better to sell.

Some players think a simple solution might be that the sextant wouldn’t block each others mods anymore, and if two overlapping sextants would have effect on the same map, the charge would be removed from one at random every time the map would be opened.

Path of Exile

This way, the sextants could be used by all people without the need of a high initial investment and also by running a variety of different maps vs single map spamming, as some of players prefer. Ultimately this would lead to a more diverse gameplay and additional mechanisms that lots of people don’t use now.

Leaguestones are an example of what sextants could have been. There should be slots on your character that you sextant that effect the next few maps you do. Then tier sextants with mods they can roll. White sextants roll worse mods while red rolls the best mods.

However, some other players think that those maps aren’t better than shaped vault, but there’s a lot more shaped vaults in the market because the people who shape their atlas around vault get a lot of shaped vaults.

Price is a function of both supply and demand. The people who run sextant-blocked shaped vault strategy get a lot of surplus vaults. They also need to sell them because sextants are expensive and they need liquid poe currency to buy them, and one of the most lucrative ways to earn money from mapping is selling maps. So those same people have a lot of incentive to sell maps (in their case, shaped vaults).

Tons of shaped vault runners selling tons of shaped vaults, and boom, you have shaped vault prices the way they are. By contrast, if you aren’t running a shaped atlas, you probably aren’t using sextants and you’re not building a map pool near as fast as the people who are running sextanted maps. Thus, you’re less likely to sell maps because your surplus isn’t as large.

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