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Forza Horizon 5 modifies MG Metro to improve rally performance

The MG Metro, a compact car with a rich rally history, is one of the many vehicles available in Forza Horizon 5. With its flexible handling and lightweight frame, it is a prime candidate for rally racing. If you want to further improve its off-road performance, you need to prepare enough Forza Horizon 5 credits to upgrade the vehicle.

Upgraded MG Metro powertrain and accessories
In order to maximize the potential of the MG Metro, upgrades and replacements of accessories such as the power system and tires are required.

While the MG Metro comes with a decent engine, players can opt for an engine swap to improve its performance. Options include a 3.5L V6 twin-turbocharged engine that significantly increases horsepower. Turbocharging the MG Metro improves its class and performance. With the right upgrades, players can push their cars to the top of the S1 ranks.

In order to get a better grip on off-road tracks, you need to upgrade to wider tires, which is very important and will affect the car’s performance in corners. The game allows for tire widths up to 345s, which will provide the MG Metro with unparalleled traction.

In addition to tires, players can also enhance various components, from the suspension frame to the brake discs, to make the car more competitive while maintaining handling stability.

Data comparison before and after the upgrade

It can be seen from the above data that MG Metro’s Peak Power has been greatly improved, and the upgrade cost is not too expensive, only 79200 FH5 CR.

After the MG Metro is fully upgraded, the next step is to choose a suitable track for race testing. The game offers a variety of rally racing tracks, with CALDERA SCRAMBLE being a classic choice for testing your car’s performance.

This was a Class D match held in Caldera, Mexico. This is a dirt track, a track in the dirt category, that mixes tight turns and long straights, requiring players to complete the race as quickly as possible. This is a challenging game, and most players will have a hard time completing it.

There are certain advantages to using MG Metro for racing on this track. The compact body size and powerful power system upgrade, coupled with superb cornering technology and correct braking, allow players to experience this upgraded MG Metro. Good handling.

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5 Best Tips to Get Madden 24 Coins

5 Best Tips to Get Madden 24 Coins

Madden 24 Coins is the virtual currency used in Madden NFL 24 and can be used to buy various game items and player cards. We need to have enough game currency to have a better gaming experience in Madden 24. This article below will give a detailed overview of Madden 24 Coins and 5 ways to get this currency.

What are Madden 24 coins used for?

Madden 24 coins are the in-game currency of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). Here are some of the ways that Madden 24 coins can be used:

  • Buy player cards
  • Buy packs
  • Buy replacement player items
  • Buy contracts
  • Bid at auction

How to get Madden 24 coins?

Sell player sets on the marketplace

Selling player sets on the marketplace is an excellent way to get Madden 24 MUT coins quickly. The hot player sets in the market can fetch a good price.

Here are the steps to get Madden 24 coins by selling player sets:

  • Identify hot player sets
  • Complete player sets
  • Sell player sets
  • Repeat the above process

Complete Solo Challenges and Daily Missions

Completing Solo Challenges and Daily Missions is a great way to earn initial coins. These include Daily Missions, Solo Challenges, and Field Pass objectives, which you can complete to earn enough MUT Coins to get off the ground.

Madden 24 Play Solo

Here are the steps to get Madden 24 coins through completing Solo Challenges and Daily Missions:

  • Start playing the game: If you are new to it, start playing it to unlock Solo Challenges and Daily Missions.
  • Complete Solo Challenges: Complete Solo Challenges to earn coins.
  • Complete Daily Missions: Daily Missions are objectives that change daily and can be found in the “Missions” section of the game.
  • Repeat the above process.

Quick-sell cards

Madden 24 sell cards

You can also quick-sell cards that reward players with coins instead of training points. Here are the steps to get Madden 24 coins through quick-selling cards:

  • Identify cards to quick-sell: Look for cards that reward players with coins instead of training points.
  • Quick-sell cards: Quick-sell the cards to earn Madden 24 coins. The amount of coins you receive depends on the card’s value.
  • Repeat: Repeat the process of quick-selling cards to earn more coins.

Farm MUT 24 coins

There are many ways to farm MUT 24 coins, such as quick sell items, submit an auction, complete sets, do missions, solo challenges, etc.

Buy Madden 24 coins at

If you want to buy Madden 24 coins, EZMUT is a website that offers cheap Madden 24 coins for PS4/5, Xbox One/S, Switch, and PC at a cheap price and with 100% secure delivery.

Overall, there are several ways to get Madden 24 coins, and it’s up to you to decide which method works best for you. Plenty of options are available whether you prefer to earn coins through gameplay or other forms.

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