The First Descendant: The most recommended 3 STARTING DESCENDANTS

This guide will cover the three starting descendants you can choose from: Lepic, Ajax, and Viessa. While many recommend choosing a descendants based on your play style, this guide will outline the strengths and weaknesses of each starting character to help you make an informed choice.

Lepic: The Grenadier DPS


To quickly unlock Lepic, you need to collect materials. After collecting all the materials, you will need a Lepic Code. You can use points to buy Codes and Blueprints or buy fast Lepic Unlock Boost Services. Use coupon code “harry” at U4GM to get discounts and save more!

Lepic is a powerful DPS descendant who excels in dealing area-of-effect damage. He has a unique set of abilities that make him a group nuke powerhouse:


  1. Grenade Throw: Deals massive damage to multiple enemies. With power bonuses and modules, this ability can potentially one-shot high-level enemies.
  2. Overclock: Increases skill power and inflicts burn damage on enemies, enhancing your first and ultimate abilities.
  3. Grouping Skill: Pulls targets into one spot, making them easy to eliminate with your other abilities. However, it cannot pull special units and bosses.
  4. Overkill (Ultimate): Uses an arm cannon to deal massive damage continuously but consumes mana points. Passive:
  • Close Call: Grants immunity to crowd control and damage while increasing health recovery for a short duration when receiving fatal damage. Unique Skill Modules:
  • Increased Gain: Removes MP consumption while Overkill is active.
  • Nerve Infiltration: Removes the burn effect of Overclock but grants weakened regeneration.
  • Power Unit Change: Increases weapon damage.
  • Regenerative Breaking: Recovers MP after using a skill. Summary:
    Lepic is versatile, offering good survivability, crowd control, and damage. He is a solid choice for players who want a well-rounded character that can excel in both field missions and endgame content.

Ajax: The Defensive Specialist

Unlocking Ajax codes and blueprints requires points redemption, and buy TFD Campaign Boost Services can quickly obtain a large amount of materials.

Ajax is a defensive specialist who excels at keeping himself and his team alive. His abilities focus on defense and crowd control:


  1. Orbit Barrier: Creates a rectangular barrier that negates and reflects incoming damage.
  2. Slam Attack: Jumps and stomps the ground to stun and damage enemies.
  3. Expulsion: Releases a pulse that knocks back enemies.
  4. Dome (Ultimate): Creates a protective dome that increases weapon damage for allies inside. Passive:
  • Void Energy: Enhances abilities when void energy is accumulated. Unique Skill Modules:
  • Body Enhancement Matrix: Increases defense and grants an energy shield.
  • Defense Simplification: Boosts allies’ defense and grants them energy shields.
  • Void Barrier: Allows the Orbit Barrier to be moved and enhances its reflective damage.
  • Void Charge: Increases the damage of the slam attack. Summary:
    Ajax is perfect for players who prefer a tank role. He offers substantial defense and support capabilities, making him invaluable in challenging missions. His unique skill modules can turn his defensive abilities into offensive tools.

Viessa: The Crowd Control Specialist

In addition to collecting the corresponding materials and blueprints, unlocking Ultimate Viessa also requires the Ultimate Viessa Code, which is a unique code. Like Blueprint, you need to spend points to buy or use professional Ultimate Viessa Unlock Boost Services.

Viessa excels in slowing down enemies and controlling the battlefield. She is particularly effective in boss fights due to her debuffing abilities:


  1. Ice Shards: Shoots ice shards that deal damage and slow enemies.
  2. Frost Road: Leaves ice trails that slow enemies and increase your movement speed and energy shield.
  3. CT Snap: Creates ice puddles that apply the ice shackle debuff to enemies.
  4. Blizzard (Ultimate): Continuously damages and slows enemies while lowering their defenses. Passive:
  • Ice Shackle: Creates floating orbs that deal damage when ice shackle stages are reached. Unique Skill Modules:
  • Cold Blooded: Reduces MP cost and skill duration, increasing skill power.
  • Cold Snap Watch: Allows cold snap ability to linger on the ground.
  • Glacial Cloud: Converts CT Snap into a throwable blizzard.
  • Hypothermia: Replaces ice shackle with a damage-over-time effect. Summary:
    Viessa is ideal for players who enjoy crowd control and DPS roles. She can significantly slow down enemies and bosses, making her an excellent choice for controlling the battlefield. Her unique modules can turn her into a powerful DPS character with the right build. Enhancing Your Descendant

To increase the power of your starting descendant, consider the following tips:

  • Equip reactors that match the characteristics of your descendant’s abilities (e.g., Singularity, Modular Chill, Fusion).
  • Use skill cooldown modifiers and MP efficiency modifiers.
Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO: How To Get The Specific Stickers

Securing the stickers for Monopoly GO poses a notable challenge, yet various strategies can be employed for success. However, some specific sticker holds significant allure due to their impressive 5-star rating, setting them apart as a more demanding acquisition compared to other stickers within the game. So you need some strategic gameplay and luck to enhance your likelihood of attaining this coveted and rare sticker. In this guide, we will show you the best ways to get the specific stickers!

Buying Specific Stickers Online

This is the best way to get Monopoly Go Specific Stickers. Whether you’re looking for 5-star stickers or extremely rare golden stickers, you can directly purchase them from a trusted third-party store, such as U4gm. The only thing to note is that golden stickers can only be traded during golden events. If you buy stickers for Monopoly Go from U4gm, you will not only enjoy an extra 5% off with code “Mods” but also receive your purchased sticker within 5 minutes. Of Course, 100% legal – You can buy any stickers you want here!

Trading Specific Stickers With Others

Stickers are obtained randomly from Sticker Packs, so sometimes you will find duplicates. And the best way to use them is to trade with other players for Specific Stickers. To trade Stickers in Monopoly GO, you need to first add a player to your friends’ list. You can also join the official Monopoly GO Trading Group on Facebook to find players with whom you can trade. There, you can post the Stickers that you need and which you can trade. When the player with whom you want to trade Stickers is on your friend’s list, you can start trading. But be wary of too-good-to-be-true trades, for example, someone who offers u a 5-star for a 4-star. Scammers will try to entice u and make u send first saying that their sticker is worth more. Try to always find 1:1 with 5 stars and a reasonable amount of stars for a star trade.

Getting Wild Stickers Use for Specific Stickers

Monopoly GO Wild Stickers are spe­cial items you can collect. They le­t you choose any sticker you don’t have ye­t to fill in your album. When you collect sticker albums, there’ll be times where your pack is short by one or two stickers to complete a set. It should be too hard for you to sit around waiting on them. Wild stickers let you convert the stickers you need; thus, enabling the quick completion of multipler album sets. The only way to get Wild Stickers is through participation in events that are offered for a limited time only. The most common types of these events include tournaments and milestone events. You can also buy sticker Gold Vault containing wild stickers.

Buy Sticker Vaults With Stars for Specific Stickers

Any sticker duplicates you get to become stars, with gold stickers being twice their star value. These stars can be used to open various sticker vaults, especially the purple sticker vault that has a blue, purple, and Galaxy pack. This method can be combined with the awesome Sticker Boom boost. These usually happen the day after Golden Blitz events, but they also tend to appear once every four or five days. For one hour, every sticker pack you earn becomes 50% larger. This bonus is so powerful that you may want to wait for a Sticker Pack before opening any packs.

We trust this post gave you value­ and increased your understanding about How To Get The Specific Stickers For Monopoly Go. For any further details, fee­l free to comment be­low. Appreciate it!

The First Descendant: Farm And Unlock All Descendants Guide

The First Descendant includes 13 characters: Lepic, Ajax, Viessa, Jayber, Sharen, Gley, Blair, Bunny, Freyna, Valby, Kyle, Ultimate Lepic, Ultimate Viessa. Unlocking these characters in the game is very time-consuming. Fortunately, u4gm provides the cheapest and professional TFD Character Unlock Boost, saving you a lot of time. Of course, you can also refer to the following guide to unlock all characters:

1. Complete the Kingston Area
· Objective: Finish the Kingston area, which consists of three zones, each with three missions.
· Unlock: Completing these missions will unlock Bunny, a character known for her speed and electricity-based abilities. If you want to level up Bunny, you can use TFD Character Leveling Boost, which is professional and can be done quickly.

2. Progress Through Story Missions
· Objective: Advance through the main storyline and complete scenario missions.
· Unlock: As you progress, you will unlock new Descendants with unique abilities and playstyles.

3. Participate in World Missions
· Objective: Engage in World Missions, which are larger-scale missions that often provide significant rewards.
· Unlock: Completing these missions can help you gather the necessary materials and currency to unlock additional Descendants.

4. Earn In-Game Currency
· Objective: Collect in-game currency by completing missions, daily tasks, and participating in events.
· Unlock: Use this currency to unlock new characters and upgrade your existing ones.

5. Check the Mailbox
· Objective: Regularly check your in-game mailbox for rewards and special items.
· Unlock: Sometimes, special characters or skins are awarded through the mailbox as part of events or promotions

6. Participate in Events
· Objective: Take part in special events or seasonal activities.
· Unlock: These events often offer exclusive characters or materials needed to unlock new Descendants.

7. Use Pre-Registration Rewards
· Objective: If you pre-registered for the game, check your inventory for exclusive rewards.
· Unlock: Pre-registration rewards may include special characters or items that can help you unlock new Descendants.

8. Farm Components
· Objective: Farm components and materials needed for character parts and ultimate weapon parts.
· Unlock: Use these materials to build and unlock new Descendants and enhance their abilities.

Tips for Efficient Farming
· Team Up: Play in co-op mode to complete missions faster and more efficiently.
· Optimize Builds: Use the best modules and equipment to maximize your damage output and survivability.
· Focus on High-Reward Missions: Prioritize missions that offer the most significant rewards and materials.

By following these steps and tips, you can efficiently farm and unlock all Descendants in The First Descendant, enhancing your gameplay experience with a variety of unique characters.

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