Flipping cards needed for new objectives to make FUT 22 coins. This method usually works best when the objective comes out on a Friday

1. Identify the players needed for the objective quickly
2. Buy and sell windows:
Buy window 1: Friday first few minutes after it came out
Sell window 1: ~1530 minutes after it came out
Buy window 2: Friday late night when Europe is sleeping (when the prices dropped enough from sell window 1)
Sell window 2: Saturday morning (~11am UK)
Buy window 3: Sunday evening during SB rewards (usually a few hours before SB rewards also works) or Monday morning (~810am UK)
Sell window 3: Monday afternoon

Why does this method work?
Objectives are seen as “free cards” in the community so most people complete them
When there is a specific requirement with limited options to use they will automatically rise a lot because the people doing the objective buy these cards
The rise is usually higher if the objective is more popular (better player/pack reward)
More specific requirement = bigger rise

Buy/sell windows explained
Buy window 1: the first minutes more and more people see the objective, therefore the players keep rising
Sell window 1: at a certain point, most people who want to do the objective on Friday already bought the players and rash investors are trying to sell (people selling starts to overtake the amount of people buying)
Buy window 2: later in the night the first people finish the objective while barely anyone is buying + when it’s a weekend with promo packs, there is also more and more pack supply making the players drop
Sell window 2: many people do objectives Saturday so when Europe wake up more and more people are buying the players again
Buy window 3: Sunday people who did the objective on the weekend, finish it in the evening + supply from SB rewards
Sell window 3: People who played WL start the objective on Monday

When there was a Tonali objective during Future Stars, it required to score with Italian players so people used Lasagna (limited ST options)
I bought a lot of Lasagna Sunday evening (before SB rewards) for 2,5k coins


He rose to 3,5k coins on Monday afternoon
What I did was only using one buying and selling window but as you know from this guide, there are 3
You could’ve flipped him 3x for these margins