I admit(Elder Scrolls Online Welcome Back Weekend), when I first heard about ESO I wasn’t very excited. It looked like it just wasn’t what I felt an Elder Scrolls game should be like. It was a biased opinion and when I got beta access I kinda took a look around and didn’t try the game properly. I had other games, I didn’t really feel like investing time in a new one, especially with a sub fee.

Then I got an email telling me about a weekend trial. Recently I’ve been getting bored of MMOs, I can’t bring myself to play them for any extended period of time any more. I figured, why not, can’t hurt to try, right? After downloading and installing, I got on my way to creating a character and actually playing the game properly for the first time. And you know what? I loved it. It feels like the game is set apart from other MMOs.

When I do a quest in ESO, it feels like I’m actually achieving something. The quests have a real story to them, none of this “hey go kill x monsters, thanks.” nonsense. It feels like the world is actually being impacted by the quests I complete, no matter how minor.

When I’m levelling, I don’t even notice I’m doing it. It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like it’s an actual natural progression of skills. I happen to be doing something, oh hey I levelled up my dual wield skill, cool. I never feel the need to check my skills and how close I am to levelling. Hell, you can level things without even actually using them, I love that. I’m using a bow currently, and yet I’m rewarded with xp in another skill just for having a spell equipped.

Just from this short glimpse at the game, I actually feel refreshed and I’m truly enjoying playing again. For that reason, I wanted to show some appreciation for the WBW, because otherwise I’d never have tried the game. For anyone wondering if it’s worth giving a shot, hell yes it is. I regret that I can’t afford the game right now, but this weekend has definitely made me open to buying it in the future when I can spare some money. I look forward to playing again after this weekend.