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Elder Scrolls Online Welcome Back Weekend

Kicking off this morning, the TESO free weekend is targeted at beta players who didn’t buy the game.

If you haven’t played Elder Scrolls Online since beta you’re in luck! All TESO beta participants who didn’t purchase the game are invited back for a free weekend of play. The Welcome Back Weekend will officially start this morning at 10am EDT and last through Monday, April 20th, at 10am EDT. Experience The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited and witness the many content updates, fixes, and improvements added since beta.

Log in for two hours or more during the Welcome Back Weekend to be entered in in the giveaway. Ten winners will be randomly selected at the end of the Welcome Back Weekend—no game purchase required. You can see all the prizes on the Community Blog.

Elder Scrolls Online

The giveaway is just the start: There’s a plethora of events happening over the weekend, from a full schedule of community livestreams to an Orienteering Challenge. Come to the Roleplay Ball, see the Fashion Show, or join in the Scavenger Hunt!

There will be special offerings in the Crown Store as well, including the Senche-Leopard mount (seen below). The mount will only be available until the update on Monday, April 20th, but some new bundles will be available long-term. They include crafting motif bundles which don’t have a pre-req and utility consumables such as skill respecs.

Elder Scrolls Online-1

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Release Date

FFXIV Heavensward

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward, our first expansion, will be released on Tuesday, June 23, 2015! We’ll also be simultaneously starting service for the Mac OS version!

Release Date
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 (Worldwide Release)
Windows® / Mac OS / PlayStation®3 / PlayStation®4

Pre-Order Date
Monday, March 16, 2015
And behold the adventures that await beyond the gates of Ishgard in FINAL FANTASY XIV—A Tour of the North.

Star Citizen Guide to Control Your Ship

Star Citizen is a PC game that is being developed by Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen was funded through crowd funding. As of 2014 it is still in the alpha phase of game development.

Getting Started

Before you jump into the cockpit of one of the three ships available in Arena Commander, the second module released for the game, you will need a helmet. Helmets typically spawn to the player’s left in the hangar. The helmet also provides user interface data while flying, so it is essential for all pilots.

Once you have the helmet, approach one of the three available ships and follow the on-screen directions to jump inside.

Star Citizen Helmet


Using a game controller or a mouse and keyboard to control your ship is far easier than attempting to use a joystick. If you have a joystick and decide to use it, you will need to create and load an XML file that will map your hardware’s keybindings.

Assuming you decide to use a mouse and keyboard, ship movement is a matter of using the QWEASD keys and the mouse. The default setting for the mouse moves the ship’s reticle in any direction the mouse-pointer travels, which will turn the ship in any direction desired. The W key is your forward thruster, and the S key is the backward thruster. The A and D keys will roll your ship left and right, respectively. Q will force your ship to strafe left, and E will strafe it to the right.


To start moving, press the W key and tilt your mouse in any direction you want. You will notice that you will only fly forward, but that inertia will propel you a little bit off course if you make sharp direction changes. To correct the inertia, you will need to use your strafe keys while turning, which will counteract the inertia, or slow down before making sudden shifts in movement.

Heads Up Display

After you have mastered the basics of movement you should spend some time learning what all the words and numbers mean in the HUD. You will notice a reticle in the center panel of your ship. The reticle represents the direction you are moving. Meanwhile, a second reticle, made from a circle and a triangular shape on the bottom, represents the direction you are moving away from. Lastly, thruster information is also represented on the center panel beside the first reticle.

Heads Up Display

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