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‘World of Warcraft’ release date pushed back to June 2016

The epic big-screen invasion of “Warcraft” has been pushed back from March 2016 to June 2016. Now, fans of the widely popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Blizzard will have to wait for summer to see the cinematic version of Azeroth.

“World of Warcraft” is helmed by Duncan Jones, whose most notable work include the science fiction films “Moon” and “Source Code.” Now, the seasoned director, producer and screenwriter is taking a dip into the never-ending cycle of warfare between orcs and humans.

Filming and production for “World of Warcraft” has long been completed. Promotional posters have been released to endow and tease fans with sneak peeks of the characters of the film. There is also a good load of information about the cast.

The humans of Stormwind are led by “Vikings” actor Travis Fimmel, who takes on the role of Sir Anduin Lothar, the ever-unswerving and charismatic knight who is always primed to keep the kingdom out of harm’s way.

Alongside Fimmel is Dominic Cooper, who stars as Stormwind leader, King Llane Wrynn. Ben Foster is Alliance’s guardian Medivh, who holds power to be reckoned with. Ben Schnetzer stars as Khadgar, and Ruth Negga as Lady Taria.

On the Horde’s side, Toby Kebbell whom fans recently saw on “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” will show his acting chops as the dignified chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, Durotan, who spends his life fighting for his family and people against the vendetta-driven Shadow Council.

Durotan’s immensely powerful right hand Origim, who also happens to be the wielder of the orc legend weapon Doomhammer, will be played by Rob Kazinsky. Clancy Brown will play Blackhand, a warchief feared by many. Daniel Wu is Gul’Dan, a supreme orc ruler that wields dark magic beyond his control.

Lastly, Paula Patton will play the iron-willed survivor Garona whose loyalty to either faction isn’t assured.

“World of Warcraft” is not the only film Universal delayed. Apparently, some of the films along that timeframe were delayed as well, including “Pacific Rim 2,” which is now set to be shown in August 2017.

MapleStory 2 Main Features in Final CBT Review

Nexon has released a detailed review mainly introducing the changes in the upcoming final CBT of MapleStory 2. Apart from the Attendant System we’ve already known(including bulter, stewardess and so on), there will be more gameplays in the final test, and read on to learn more about them.

Firstly, the archer will be optimized, and its skills will be changed a little. But thus it will be more powerful than it in previous tests.

And MapleStory 2 will release more instance zones and maps in this upcoming test. Players can get great rewards via the new areas and exchange some valuable and rare items with Shadow Businessman.

The House Decoration System must a interesting feature for players. Players can decorate their own house with souvenirs in order to get more trophies.

We’ll also see that the city map adds more urban elements, telegraph poles, cars, traffic lights, telephone booths and so on. And all of them can be your weapons while you are fight against monters. When you are near by them, using Space and X bottons can help you beat those annoying monsters.

There will be a new Era of Decoration Plaza in CBT2. You can buy all the styles of home improvement products and home magazines, so you don’t need to worry about how to decorate you house.

And a new battleground named Brave Mountain will be available in CBT2. Those players who has already reached Lv.28 can join it, each battle will last 30 mins long.


If you are a active guild member, you can also take part in the Guild PvP Contest for the glory of you own guild. Each guild will get rewards according to its final rank.

New instance zones will come in the upcoming test as well. Golden Tower’s secret will be unveiled by the exploration of brave adventurers(at least has reached Lv.26). The mission of saving the world is getting harder, for there will be even a difficualt 1v10 instance zone for players.

The new Attendant System will also bring lots of fun to players, and now there are four kinds of attendants available, it’s probable that MapleStory 2 will add more attendants in the future.

MapleStory 2’s final test will launch on May 1st to May 10th, and if you didn’t got the keys of CBT2, you can pay attention to our follow-up reports about it, stay tuned guys!

Ideas for the Welcome Back Weekend

I admit(Elder Scrolls Online Welcome Back Weekend), when I first heard about ESO I wasn’t very excited. It looked like it just wasn’t what I felt an Elder Scrolls game should be like. It was a biased opinion and when I got beta access I kinda took a look around and didn’t try the game properly. I had other games, I didn’t really feel like investing time in a new one, especially with a sub fee.

Then I got an email telling me about a weekend trial. Recently I’ve been getting bored of MMOs, I can’t bring myself to play them for any extended period of time any more. I figured, why not, can’t hurt to try, right? After downloading and installing, I got on my way to creating a character and actually playing the game properly for the first time. And you know what? I loved it. It feels like the game is set apart from other MMOs.

When I do a quest in ESO, it feels like I’m actually achieving something. The quests have a real story to them, none of this “hey go kill x monsters, thanks.” nonsense. It feels like the world is actually being impacted by the quests I complete, no matter how minor.

When I’m levelling, I don’t even notice I’m doing it. It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like it’s an actual natural progression of skills. I happen to be doing something, oh hey I levelled up my dual wield skill, cool. I never feel the need to check my skills and how close I am to levelling. Hell, you can level things without even actually using them, I love that. I’m using a bow currently, and yet I’m rewarded with xp in another skill just for having a spell equipped.

Just from this short glimpse at the game, I actually feel refreshed and I’m truly enjoying playing again. For that reason, I wanted to show some appreciation for the WBW, because otherwise I’d never have tried the game. For anyone wondering if it’s worth giving a shot, hell yes it is. I regret that I can’t afford the game right now, but this weekend has definitely made me open to buying it in the future when I can spare some money. I look forward to playing again after this weekend.

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