After the new market and security updates announced by EA Sports for Ultimate Team 16 earlier today, they have also made a new update on their ban process against those who sell, promote or farm coins. Here’s the breakdown:

Coin Buying

If you’re found to have bought FIFA coins you will get an warning message and a coin wipe at your first offence. The second offence result in a direct permanent online ban in FIFA!

Coin Promotion

If you promote coin sellers you will get a permanent online ban. No warnings, straight ban!

Coin Selling & Farming

If you sell coins or use third-party softwares to generate coins by exploiting glitches you will get a straight online ban for all EA games, not just FIFA!

Account Buying & Comfort Trades

If you buy pre-loaded accounts from coin sellers or allow them to access your account in order to transfer the coins you bought you will get the same as above, an online ban for all EA games.

The next infographic will sum up the new rules:

Ban Process 1

Looks like EA Sports won’t mess around this year with those who buy or sell coins, you’ll have to think twice before getting yourself involved with illegal coins.