Last year before the release of NBA 2K17, the rumor was saying that the Career mode of “NBA 2K17” is going to be a game-changer. But when the game finally rolled out to the PC and the gaming consoles in September last year, the feature fell below fan expectations.

Biggest need: They have a lot of firepower but they could still use shooters. Their biggest problem is big depth, with Jordan Hill and Ian Mahinmi’s free agency, but with the kind of style that Larry Bird is pursuing, they need wings who can shoot.

NBA 2K17

Free agent they should keep: The NBA 2K17 question is tough. He’s one of the best available centers on the market. But with Myles Turner, they don’t need a major investment at that position. They can re-sign NBA 2K17 and bring Turner off the bench, but that’s a waste of his talent. Or they can start Turner and bring Young off the bench, but that’s a waste of his impact as well. Or they can start Young and Turner, but that means Mahinmi’s being underutilized. It’s a tough choice. If they don’t keep NBA 2K17, they should retain Solomon Hill, a good defensive wing who has shown promise.

Now that the NBA 2K17 free agency has started, there will be more changes in the lineups of each team as free agents move from one team to the next while several others would stick to their respective ballclubs. Also, according to Design and Trend, the timed-locker codes are coming back. Ronnie Singh of 2K Sports said that these timed-locker codes are user based it has been a demand from the NBA 2K17 gamers for a while now. There was also a NBA 2K17 video of Singh holding a phone in front of his face; trying to scan his face, which would mean that there will be a face scanning app for the upcoming video game.

The latest roster also includes some trades made by some teams prior to the official opening of the NBA free agency market on July 1. This means that Derrick Rose is no longer wearing a Chicago Bulls uniform on “NBA 2K17” but is already donning a New York Knicks outfit with No. 25 on it, reports the Morning News USA. Serge Ibaka, formerly of the Oklahoma City Thunder, is now wearing No. 7 for the Orlando Magic, and Jeff Teague is now with the Indiana Pacers after being traded by the Atlanta Hawks.

It also means that top rookie pick Ben Simmons is now boosting the Philadelphia 76ers ahead of his true mettle when the NBA 2K17 season begins in October. According to the report, the game will be available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The NBA 2K17 Standard Edition will cost $60 while the Legend Edition with Kobe Bryant and the bonuses, both physical and digital, will cost $80. There will also be a Legend Edition Gold which will cost $100 and this comes with additional bonuses.

The NBA draft takes more than a month and teams are assessing their needs. They’re preparing to select players each hopes will develop into the next star in the association. Around this time back in 2007, virtual hoops fans who played both NBA 2K17 and College Hoops NBA 2K17 might be exporting their draft classes from the latter to upload it into the former. They have their own advantages, let’s wait to see what will happen later.