For Mu Legend playable classes, the Whisperer ranks among the remote DPS. Within a group, the Whisperer will easily cohabit with a melee combat class, inflicting damage while remaining at a distance. But a Whisperer duo can also be effective through good trap management, for example. More the introduction of Mu Legend informations, U4GM have latest news and wonderful screenshots, useful gaming tricks and so on:


According to his specialization, the Whisperer can opt for a career of sniper, inflicting very heavy damage on the opponent or on the contrary opt for a more strategic approach and thus have the capacity To invoke creatures fighting at his side and to set traps to build patiently his strategies before launching into the heart of the fighting. More gamers keep an close eye on the price of Mu Legend Power Leveling, U4GM is best and cheapest.

Whisperer has now become much more effective because of the extremely unique skill set that can be combined and attacked and defended. Whisperer can be said to be the most versatile and flexible character of the game, with a slim, sexy but extremely dangerous body on the battlefield, so this character has gained attention to the cosplay.

Anyway, any one believe deep down that Mu Legend has had a long development path. Initially, Mu Legend was called Mu 2, and MU Legend aims to bring one of the most popular global MMOs into the current generation of gaming. Now, Mu Legend was launched for a while, you had better hold the best chance to buy Mu Legend Zen and Mu Legend Power Leveling.