MU Legend is MU Online’s predecessor, however, these two games are completely different and less involved. MU Legend world is the story of 1000 years before the world MU Online formed.

MU Legend

Through playing the MU Legend, players will be able to find out why Kundun was revived as Lord of Darkness. The main quest for gamers is overcome many hardships and obstacles, the ultimate goal is to recapture the mission and prevent Kundun from reviving.

The new 4 classes are designed to play very well solo in many arena. In addition, in the fight with the party or together over the dungeons, each will have a specific role. By using customization skills and item changes, players can create their own characters. For 4 classes, U4GM has been updated too many news and guides, tips and tricks, you can visit website to get those information.

Usually in MMORPGs, PvP content has only one winner and the losers will of course be disappointed. In MU Legend, we try to create mass PVP modes. Currently, MU Legend is having many kinds of map arena from 1 vs 1 to 10 vs 10. The 1 vs 1 Arena will be where players fight independently and show personal ego. Meanwhile, Chaos Castle is a popular survival map from MU Online.

The most important goal of MU Legend is to create a playground that anyone can experience and enjoy. For an MMORPG, the fun of the gamers is to play with multiple people at the same time. We will try to make it easy for gamers to start playing MU Legend. You should enjoy the process of buying Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling, especially for when you choose a best supplier like U4GM.