Unlike the previous version, in this second version, the graphics of MU Legend is extremely meticulous design, the characters, equipment, and monsters are sharper, more realistic and lively. It’s no wonder that MU Legend is an online game ranked among the blockbuster games are the most popular gamers worldwide.

MU Legend

In MU Legend, the skills of each character class are possessed of high versatility, especially with the appearance of the “cooldown” mechanism that requires the player to use multiple skills at the same time instead of the mouse skill. Want to learn more useful guides and tricks? Highly recommend you go to website. A wealth of guides, news, tips, videos, screenshots and comment from experienced gamers, all is what you need.

Webzen, the publisher of the MU Legend game, has announced it will open its worldwide test on September. Previously, the game has experienced twice Closed Beta Test, the publisher pay more attention to implement the Global Open Beta Test. Webzen has confirmed plans to work on additional localizations of the game, in order to satisfy the high expectations of its global communities.

Generally speaking, the MU Legend shows significant changes and is necessary to make the gameplay richer and more animated. What’s more, the graphics of MU Legend effects are quite varied, the surrounding landscape is also designed in a massive manner, the architectural style of the Western role-playing game. Anyway, gamers from throughout the world are addicted to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.