So there’s some good news for Madden 18 fans: Madden 18 is fantastic from the point of view of the game, and Longshot has been a positive buzz, which means you will get more chance to get Madden mobile coins in Madden 18. Bad news: fans of career mode may be disappointed because Madden’s developers once again kicked out the proverb’s path.

EA did not have much detail on what they called “connected franchise models” or “CFMs” during E3, but apparently their focus was mainly on the transition to Frostbite and the development of their story patterns. The biggest update fans can expect is a draft board – a new feature that will allow online league players to set their preferred players if they can not hastily. Otherwise there will be a normal adjustment, but not too much.

Madden 18’s career model is somewhat confusing. Since at least Madden 25 in 2013, it has received a lot of smart updates, but fundamentally the same. The biggest update is the start of the UI and offseason. The owner mode and player mode remain almost unchanged.

These updates will help Madden’s CFM remain optimistic, but it is not enough in other areas. The owner model is especially a terrible, broken mess, its only salvation function is to let you move a team to one of the few cities. Its technical basis is economics, plain, the owner does not care about selling tickets or hot dogs, they care about TV transaction revenue – and can not turn the team like Jacksonville financial death spiral, even if you play well.

I would say that this is the core of Madden’s franchise model: it is cleverly presented, moving in a nice clip and including excellent online features.So if you want to buy Madden mobile coins when Madden 18 launched, you can go to Madden-store, there are a lot cheap Madden mobile coins for sale on the site.

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