For the upcoming NHL 18, its release date is confirmed to September 15, and launches on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Something that has been done formerly by so many players, is quite exciting, more and more players can’t wait to play NHL 18. EA SPORTS’ annual edition of the NHL Franchise is a must buy for many hockey fans and players.

NHL 18

This year’s edition will present a new style and a new wrinkle to franchise manner that’s aligned with the actual NHL. The new style is named NHL THREES. It’s a new 3-on-3 game made to enable more fast-paced, exciting, exciting arcade-like gameplay. Follow us on U4GM, we also offer cheap NHL 18 Coins with special discount.

Players can pre-order one of the special versions of the game and access to in advance, three days before its official release date. Respectively, the EA SPORTS NHL 18 Young Stars Edition and EA SPORTS NHL 18 Young Stars Deluxe Edition, both editions provide additional content, and will provide incorporate a McDavid Rookie HUT item, party, and a custom made HUT jersey made by adidas and the cover athlete.

It’s no surprise that EA will not miss the newest part of the market that dominates the market today. NHL 18 will feature more new features such as the Creative Attack control system, the arcade-style NHL THREES game, the campaign to release rewards, and EA Sports Hockey League mode 3v3 games. If you want to see more game articles and guides, please keep an close eye on our website U4GM, reference from here.