After NBA 2K18 was launched, players have seen this game evolve and grow in that time, NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode is an popular mode, and it has become one of player’s favourite mode. When playing in MyCareer, you can’t ignore the road to 99 sign where you upgrade your player attributes and work towards skills. Further information on NBA 2K18, view more at here.

NBA 2K18

In this mode you aren’t a rookie who gets drafted into the NBA by a team, you’re now scouted on the street and picked up – though you do still get to decide which team to play for. One day your character is playing ball at a small tournament, the next he’s training with a team of your choice. When it comes to the plot, this leap doesn’t make for the strongest in the series, throwing you right into the deep end.

The Neighbourhood is a new addition to NBA 2K which adds a hub area where players can mingle, go to the training arena, shop, or play against others. Again, it’s obvious that getting you to spend money on VC is the main aim. Obviously VC isn’t limited to MyCareer. The other obvious place is the MyTeam mode where you buy packs to build a team up to compete against others or take on challenges.

The most annoying thing about all of this though is that underneath all of the push to get people invested in VC, this is still a great basketball game. What this means is that players need to find a reliable supplier, to get cheap and safe NBA 2K18 MT, supplier plays an important role in the course, U4NBA act as the best MT supplier, and with rich experience, good reputation, safe delivery and reasonable price.