Madden NFL 18 is a video game in development, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, sport genre, developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA Sports.


Ultimate Team is the only place where you can see Legends, play with Legends, and they got the same treatment that all the players got with respect to authenticity. Frostbite really brings out the authenticity and uniqueness of the NFL stars, past and present.

A new cooperative gameplay mode called MUT Squads lets you team-up with up to two other players to take on other teams online. Ultimate Team returns, and function just as well as they did in past entries. Players are able to enjoy taking on different challenges with the team they collected, and bring them into MUT Squads, the new cooperative multiplayer addition to Ultimate Team. What’s unique about MUT Squads is that each of the three team members choose a role and they can only control that aspect of the game.

In MUT Squads, three players can partner with each other and combine their Ultimate Team decks and craft their own football team. Depending on whether the player is Offensive Captain, Defensive Captain, or Head Coach, different cards are brought to the team. In MUT Squads matches, all three players can take full control of an athlete, and run plays chosen by the Offensive or Defensive Captain, which makes the mode a ton of fun if you have good team synergy.

MUT Squads also seems like a great way to introduce newcomers to Ultimate Team, as the Head Coach position doesn’t require the best deck and the action stays fast paced and engaging, making it a ton of fun when playing with people you know. If you love Ultimate Team, Madden NFL 18 does it justice, and if you don’t, maybe MUT Squads will turn you onto it.

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