In Path of Exile, many collectors of path of exile currency may know, the upcoming League is called Bestiary, it is scheduled for release on March 2, 2018 for both PC and Xbox One. So it should come as no surprise that monsters are a focus of the limited-time event. In short, the name of the game is weakening and trapping monsters with nets, holding them in a new zoo-like section of your hideout, and then using their materials in powerful new crafting recipes.

Path of Exile

It’s not as easy as it sounds, however. To craft these new recipes, you have to perform a sacrificial ritual – reuniting with the creatures you trapped and battling them to the death inside of an arena. For example, to make a fairly basic staff, you might need to sacrifice a pair of arachnids and a couple of other beasts that you found (and successfully captured alive) while out in the wild. Once they’re dead, the item is yours.

In addition to your run-of-the-mill monsters, the world has been populated with 41 legendary beasts. These are tougher variants of existing enemies, with more complicated attacks. During one battle I saw, an emu-like monster summoned a spectral stampede, which filled the screen with ghostly apparitions. If you’re careless, it would be easy to get trampled by such an attack.

There are also four completely reskinned spirit beast monsters, which serve as the league’s boss encounters. To fight them, you first have to craft a portal to their realm. Once you enter and defeat these bosses, you can get unique items or materials that can be used to craft the best poe items and recipes in the league. “Basically, we’ve tried to come up with wacky stuff that’s possible in Path of Exile,” Wilson says. Some examples are recipes that instantly generate five prophecies for the player, reroll numeric values on an item, or create mirrored copies of a flash or map.

“When we release a challenge league, we want that league to be powerful during the three months that it’s on Path of Exile,” Wilson says. “We may keep it afterward in some form, or we may just put it to one side and not roll it into the game. But we want those mechanics to be something the people love doing.”

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