I have been playing ESO since it hit consoles and enjoyed the game. The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t as easy to navigate. You can only quick-travel to wayshrines that have to be discovered first. I understand why the Elder Scrolls Online team made traveling harder. The developers want players to find all the Skyshards, side quests and other secrets tucked throughout the game world. You had better buy eso gold by visiting ours online store.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls games are typically single-player games that players can finish in a month. However, Elder Scrolls Online is a game designed to occupy players. Since launch ESO has revamped its leveling system, added instanced player housing, gone free-to-play, hosted four major DLCs, and rolled out a number of quality-of-life updates. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is a fantastic addition to the base game, including exceptional writing in quests, a new class and PvP battlegrounds.

The game has also evolved quite a bit since the buggy days of launch year. Nearly every day-to-day action is smooth and I still love the option to go first-person in an MMO. While Elder Scrolls Online has improved through the release of Morrowind, it still isn’t enough of a jump to warrant a resounding recommendation (the 4v4v4 PVP mode here still isn’t enough to get me into ESO PVP).

The Elder Scrolls Online as a whole is a fun and solid MMO, especially one that is buy-to-play. This expansion (or DLC) adds a new class which is always fun, but it just feels a little shallow. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind feels more like a DLC than a MMORPG. It’s a great addition to the Elder Scrolls Lore and a lot of fun to set foot upon those lands again with higher quality visuals and game mechanics. You can read the latest news about the game at here: https://www.eso-gold.com/.