The update of Forza Horizon 4 in Series 7 has been opposed by many players, because the top rewards need 100% completion to get, which makes many players distressed.

Fortunately, the developers were aware of this problem in time, and in the update patch, the conditions of the top rewards were reduced to 80%, so that many casual players can get rewards.

However, some comments do not seem to think so. They feel that the current FH 4 is still a failure, especially the multiplayer online adventure, While there were two or three players who raced cleanly, the others made the experience dreadful. When they were not ramming You to get a position, they were simply sitting in the road wait for the event to finish. Due to this, our team never adequate enough points to win the event, despite those who tried finding their way into the top five every race. Make the game downright frustrating, especially when you’re trying for a prize car.

Personally think that developers can take into account the needs of players, and have done very well. The original intention of the FH 4 game is to create an open world that facilitates communication between players. Each player is independent and different. You can’t ask all players to be the same. It’s because of this that there are more possibilities in the game. This is also part of the game’s charm. It is full of uncertainty. If everyone is the same, what does the game mean?

Although FH 4 still needs improvement, it can’t be criticized for this reason. If the multiplayer online mode is cancelled, it will all be changed to stand-alone mode. I think that is really terrible. If you want a car, but you don’t get it for various reasons, you can choose the auction house. If no one wants to sell it, I suggest you log in to u4n, there are many rare vehicles that will meet your requirements.