In Fallout 76, managing your carry weight is crucial for survival and efficiency in the post-apocalyptic world. Overloading yourself can slow you down, making it difficult to escape danger or gather resources. To carry more resources, we need to increase Carry Weight. So how to increase Carry Weight in Fallout 76? The following guide will give you some detailed information about how to increase Carry Weight in Fallout 76, which will help us to go more smoothly in the game.

What is Carry Weight in Fallout 76?

Carry weight in Fallout 76 is the total weight your character can carry in their inventory. This includes weapons, armor, aid items, junk, and miscellaneous items. If you exceed your carry weight limit, your character will move slower, use more Action Points (AP) when running, and become less effective in combat. If you want to increase Carry Weight quickly, then you can buy fallout 76 items which will save us a lot of time. Here we are going to introduce you some items to increase Carry Weight in Fallout 76.

7 Ways to Increase Carry Weight in Fallout 76

Strength Attribute:

Strength is the primary SPECIAL attribute that affects your carry weight. Each point in Strength adds 5 pounds to your carry weight limit. Investing in Strength is a straightforward way to increase your carry capacity.

Strength Attribute

Perk Cards:

Choosing the right combination of Perk Cards depends on your playstyle and priorities. If you frequently gather junk for crafting, prioritize Pack Rat. If you use heavy weapons, Bear Arms will be invaluable. Combining these Perk Cards with other methods of increasing carry weight, such as Strength attribute investment, backpacks, and Power Armor, will help you manage your inventory more efficiently and enjoy a smoother gameplay experience.

Perk Cards


Backpacks are a fantastic addition to Fallout 76 that can increase your carry weight significantly. The standard Small Backpack adds 5 pounds, while the standard Large Backpack adds 10 pounds. Upgrading and customizing your backpack can further enhance its capacity.

Small Backpack

Pocketed and Deep-Pocketed Mods:

Modifying your armor with Pocketed or Deep-Pocketed mods can increase your carry weight. Each piece of Pocketed armor adds 10 pounds, and Deep-Pocketed adds 20 pounds. Having a full set of Deep-Pocketed armor can add up to 100 pounds to your carry capacity.

Mutations and Serums:

The Marsupial mutation is popular among players because it increases your carry weight by 20 pounds and allows you to jump higher. However, it also decreases your Intelligence by 4 points. Balancing mutations with serums that counteract the negative effects can optimize your build.

Power Armor:

Power Armor not only provides significant defensive benefits but also increases your carry weight. Each piece of Power Armor increases your carry weight, and a full set can substantially boost your capacity.

Carry Weight Boosters:

Consumables like Buffout, Bufftats, and even certain food items can temporarily increase your carry weight. Using these in conjunction with other methods can help when you need to transport large amounts of items.


Efficient Inventory Management

Maximizing your carry weight is only part of the solution. Efficient inventory management is crucial to ensure you are not carrying unnecessary items. Here are some tips:

  • Regularly Scrap Junk: Convert junk into raw materials to reduce weight.
  • Store Items in Your Stash: Use your stash to store items you don’t immediately need.
  • Sell or Trade Excess Items: Sell or trade items you don’t need to other players or vendors.


By leveraging Strength, Perk Cards, backpacks, armor mods, mutations, Power Armor, and consumables, you can maximize your carry weight in Fallout 76. Efficient inventory management further ensures you carry only what you need, allowing you to explore, fight, and survive more effectively in the Wasteland.

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