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COD MW3 Guide: How to Unlock Perfect Symmetry Camo?

COD MW3 Guide: How to Unlock Perfect Symmetry Camo?

In COD MW3 there is a huge number of camo which allows the player to build a unique weapon. To obtain these camo we need to complete the corresponding challenges, which may require the player to invest a lot of time. This guide below will explain in detail how to unlock the Perfect Symmetry Camo in COD MW3, which will help us to obtain this camo more easily.

What is Perfect Symmetry Camo in MW3?

The Perfect Symmetry camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is mentioned as one of the base camos available in the game. It is part of the 18 different sets of Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Camos that players can unlock by playing the game. If you want to get these camo’s immediately then the mw3 camo boosting provided by U4GM will be the best option, they will drop all the items you need in the game.

How to Unlock Perfect Symmetry Camo in MW3?

The Perfect Symmetry Camo in COD MW3 can be unlocked by completing specific challenges for each weapon. For example, to unlock the Perfect Symmetry camo for the Renetti, a specific set of challenges needs to be completed, such as reaching a certain weapon level and achieving a certain number of kills with specific attachments. This camo is part of the base camos that can be applied to any weapon in MW3, and each weapon has its own set of challenges to unlock it.

All Perfect Symmetry Camo Challenges

AbsorptionStriker15Get 10 kills while crouching or sliding
Abyssal FoxMCW19Get 15 headshot kills
ApocalypticWSP Stinger15Get 250 kills with full attachments in Zombies
Art GlassKATT-AMR27Get 15 one shot kills
Clouded MindKVD Enforcer20Get 10 kills with no attachments
CorrugatedTYR26Get 15 kills with akimbo attachment
CreeplinesDG-5611Get 50 kills while ADS
Crystal PalaceTYR26Get 10 kills in 5 seconds 10 times in Zombies
DescentLockwood 68018Get 10 kills while ADS
Dimensional ShiftKATT-AMR27Get 250 kills with Frost Damage in Zombies
Grim ReaperKVD Enforcer20Get 10 kills in 5 seconds 10 times in Zombies
HysteriaDG-5611Get 10 kills in 5 seconds 10 times in Zombies
Inner DemonStriker15Get 250 kills with Rare or Higher Rarity in Zombies
InsectoidMCW 6.824Get 2 kills without dying 15 times
Magma BeastLockwood 68018Get 250 Electric Damage in Zombies
Melting HopeRiveter24Get 10 Mangler kills in Zombies
Mind TestWSP Stinger15Get 15 kills with akimbo attachment
MysteriousTAQ Eradicator22Get 250 kills with Rare or Higher Rarity in Zombies
OxidizedRenetti21Get 250 kills with at least 4 perks active in Zombies
PabelsRenetti21Get 15 kills with akimbo attachment
PyramidicalTAQ Eradicator22Get 10 double kills
Tempest ShardsMCW19Get 250 hipfire kills in Zombies
UnyieldingMCW 6.824Get 200 critical kills in Zombies
Upward ReverbRiveter24Get 10 double kills

Once you have completed these challenges above you will be able to unlock all of the Perfect Symmetry Camos and then you will be able to use these camos on all of your weapons. By adding camo to these weapons we can get some unique weapons.

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How to Find and Defeat Dokkaebi in COD MW3?

How to Find and Defeat Dokkaebi in COD MW3?

In the world of COD MW3, one of the most challenging adversaries you’ll encounter is the Warlord Dokkaebi. This guide is designed to help both beginner and intermediate players navigate the game, locate Dokkaebi, and ultimately defeat her.

Finding Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi is a new character introduced in Season 1 of COD MW3. She is located in a new fortress in Urzikstan, specifically at the top of a skyscraper in Zaravan City. To reach her, you’ll need to find the Fortress Keycard and use the elevator. The keycard can typically be found in Mercenary Strongholds.

Finding Dokkaebi

Preparing for the Battle

Before you engage Dokkaebi, it’s crucial to prepare adequately. This includes upgrading your weapon and setting up your backpack with essential items. Perks can also be beneficial, so consider discovering their blueprints if you haven’t already. Of course, we can also get mw3 boosting services at U4GM, which will help us finish the battle preparation quickly.

Defeating Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi is a formidable opponent, armed with a deep understanding of Electronic Warfare and a fleet of self-programmed autonomous drones. She utilizes drones, turrets, and Wheels to keep you away from her location atop the skyscraper.

It’s recommended to destroy all of these technological defenses before you try to take on Dokkaebi, as the fight can get difficult with a drone or turret shooting at you. When you do fight Dokkaebi, she is armed with a gun and has extremely good aim. She is also more elusive than any other enemy you’ll fight in Zombies, using cover and quick movements to dodge your bullets and deal damage when you’re not suspecting it.

The best way to fight Dokkaebi is to get close to her, as long-range fights are difficult with the way she moves. If you’re playing in a squad, then spread out and attack her from all angles. If you’re solo, then getting up close and personal with an upgraded weapon or two is the easiest way to eliminate her.

Once you defeat Dokkaebi, you can loot a Reward Rift for some high-tier items, including Wonder Weapons, perks, ammo mods, and more.


Defeating Dokkaebi in COD MW3 is a challenging but rewarding task. With the right preparation and strategy, you can overcome this formidable adversary and reap the rewards. Remember, the key to success is understanding your enemy, preparing adequately, and choosing the right battle strategy. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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COD MW3 Guide: How to Get Epic Aether Tool?

COD MW3 Guide: How to Get Epic Aether Tool?

In COD MW3, the Epic Aether Tool is a coveted item that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. This guide is designed to help beginners and intermediate players understand how to acquire and use this tool effectively in the game’s Zombies mode.

What is the Epic Aether Tool?

The Epic Aether Tool is a single-use item that can upgrade the quality of your weapon, starting from a basic level and advancing to Epic quality. You’ll benefit from higher damage output and other bonuses each time you improve a weapon. However, it’s a risk vs reward strategy, as you need to exfil in MW3 Zombies with the weapon to avoid leaving it behind.

How to Get the Epic Aether Tool?

There are several ways to acquire Aether Tools in MW3 Zombies. The most straightforward method is to locate them in the game from loot caches or as rewards for completing tasks and contracts. The Epic Aether Tool schematic can be found in Reward Rifts after completing contracts in Threat Zone 3. You can farm Cargo Delivery and Outlast contracts to increase your chances of finding the schematic. However, this method relies heavily on luck.

How to Get the Epic Aether Tool?

A more reliable way to get an Aether Tool is by completing specific missions in MW3 Zombies. For example, we can get the Epic Aether Tool by defeating Ethereal Orbs. These orbs fly around the map, and players must shoot them to obtain the Epic Aether Tool. This method provides a consistent and guaranteed way of getting the Epic Aether Tool in MW3 Zombies.

Another method is to find schematics for the Aether Tools in the game world. Once you find a schematic, you can craft an Aether Tool from the pre-game menu to take you into the game. However, the schematics are rare, and you might have to search the entire map to find one.

Finally, we can also obtain the Epic Aether Tool from the COD MWZ Schematics Boosting provided by U4GM. This is also one of the easiest methods and will save us much time.

How to Use the Epic Aether Tool?

Once you have an Aether Tool, using it is straightforward. Open your Rucksack and navigate to the Aether Tool. Press it, and it’ll apply to your weapon. The color will change depending on the rarity, so you’ll know which weapon has been upgraded.

Since the Epic Aether Tool is a one-time item, we will need more of these items on hand when we get to COD MW3.

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