COD MW3 Guide: How to Get Epic Aether Tool?

In COD MW3, the Epic Aether Tool is a coveted item that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. This guide is designed to help beginners and intermediate players understand how to acquire and use this tool effectively in the game’s Zombies mode.

What is the Epic Aether Tool?

The Epic Aether Tool is a single-use item that can upgrade the quality of your weapon, starting from a basic level and advancing to Epic quality. You’ll benefit from higher damage output and other bonuses each time you improve a weapon. However, it’s a risk vs reward strategy, as you need to exfil in MW3 Zombies with the weapon to avoid leaving it behind.

How to Get the Epic Aether Tool?

There are several ways to acquire Aether Tools in MW3 Zombies. The most straightforward method is to locate them in the game from loot caches or as rewards for completing tasks and contracts. The Epic Aether Tool schematic can be found in Reward Rifts after completing contracts in Threat Zone 3. You can farm Cargo Delivery and Outlast contracts to increase your chances of finding the schematic. However, this method relies heavily on luck.

How to Get the Epic Aether Tool?

A more reliable way to get an Aether Tool is by completing specific missions in MW3 Zombies. For example, we can get the Epic Aether Tool by defeating Ethereal Orbs. These orbs fly around the map, and players must shoot them to obtain the Epic Aether Tool. This method provides a consistent and guaranteed way of getting the Epic Aether Tool in MW3 Zombies.

Another method is to find schematics for the Aether Tools in the game world. Once you find a schematic, you can craft an Aether Tool from the pre-game menu to take you into the game. However, the schematics are rare, and you might have to search the entire map to find one.

Finally, we can also obtain the Epic Aether Tool from the COD MWZ Schematics Boosting provided by U4GM. This is also one of the easiest methods and will save us much time.

How to Use the Epic Aether Tool?

Once you have an Aether Tool, using it is straightforward. Open your Rucksack and navigate to the Aether Tool. Press it, and it’ll apply to your weapon. The color will change depending on the rarity, so you’ll know which weapon has been upgraded.

Since the Epic Aether Tool is a one-time item, we will need more of these items on hand when we get to COD MW3.