If it is still only in beta, Albion Online has already made a lot of talk thanks to a massive communication. But does Albion Online deserve such attention?


Easy access. One can often feel dropped by approaching an unknown game, especially regarding MMOs. A well-documented title of information and content has quickly saturated our brain, unless we are as clear as Albion Online. A whole bunch of objects to craft and collect require a newbie only a small hour and a half of adaptation. Similarly concerning the usefulness of the NPCs or the different skills and statistics. No barbant pollutes the descriptions and the refined interface offers just enough menus to be neither complicated nor too simplistic in options, just like for controls.

Casually. Albion Online represents the first true cross-platform MMORPG, with faith on computer and mobile. This is what facilitates the presence of players in a universe greatly dependent on them: the economy is managed by the latter, easily creating guilds, organizing regular Raids to dominate the world of Albion, perfectly shaped for time battles Real exciting.

The simplicity of Albion Online allows community entertainment accessible to all. More news about other future releases that may be released for “Albion Online” should be made available in the near future. Do you need to fast get Albion Online gold? If you want to get enough gold quickly, upalbion.com is an efficient store to provide you with a huge variety of currency trading.