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Final Fantasy XIV Offers Free Login To Inactive Accounts

Square Enix has launched a campaign to attract back to Final Fantasy XIV players who are not currently active. For a few days, you can connect for free and see the latest news of this MMORPG.


Until May 6 at 4:00 pm in Spain, users can log in as long as they meet a series of requirements, among which is having an inactive account for at least 30 days. You can know more details on the official page.

During this period, the user has four days to test the game, in total up to 96 hours.

“Patch 4.2 presents many new challenges in Eorzea and Othard,” Square Enix recalls to players who have not yet discovered the latest updates and expansions of FFXIV. If you need gils in game recently, you will want to join in our activity to get the 5% off code and buy cheapest FFXIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL. Just mark the time and join in our activity on time.

PoE: How To Remove Elder From Our Atlas Without Beating Him

In Path of Exile, why do I want to remove Elder in the first place? New collectors of chaos orbs poe wants to train the elder fight and creates a large Elder zone starting at T1 maps.

Turns out Elder can easily spawn on a T6-7 now and beat that player. Now since the player has no training with Elder he will need a lot of time trying to beat a harder version of him before even encountering the easier white version.

Path of Exile

Hardcore player attempts red/uber elder and dies. Now he has no bosskiller charcter and cant interact with the elder mechanic for a very long time.

Elder spawns on uncompleted map x at the start of the league when the player has no high tier maps available to control the elder influence. If the player has no intention to beat elder he cant complete that map if he did elder guardians first.

I believe all 3 scenarios are somewhat likely to happen and simply feel bad for the player involved. The following were the possible solutions and their downside:

1. A vendor recipe similiar to the unshaping orb. Cost of that recipe would be up to the balance team. If this recipe is implemented in order to not completel remove elder influence this could also be used to provide a faster way to spawn elder on the desired map and for example speed up the zana questline that way.

This would have an economic impact since it would make it easier to direct the elder spawn to a specific region on the atlas especially for speedclearing characters in hardcore the impact might be pretty big. Another issue would be that new players might not know about this recipe and then its not really helpful for them.

2. Elder and his guardians disappear if their influence is too small for too long. People might unintentionally despawn Elder while trying to find the map he spawned on or after beating his guardians.

3. Elder(guardian) disappears if the map he spawned on gets cleared multiple times without fighting the boss. This is not a very intuitive mechanic.

4. A combination of some of these ideas.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Will Go Live On May 21

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset should release for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on June 5, 2018. The Elder Scrolls Online takes place in one connected world where you can stay up to date with everything your friends are doing. Summerset is a lush, lovely place, but trouble is hiding in the shadows, and corruption threatens to destroy High Elf society from within. We enjoy more new guides, click for source.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The expansion will conclude the story that began in 2015 with the DLC, and will add a new zone, the Psijic Order faction and skillset, a new jewelry crafting skill, and new Delves, Bosses, and a 12-player Trial called Cloudrest. You can explore the far reaches of Skyrim, the mysterious lands of Morrowind, or the sprawling metropolis of Daggerfall. Despite its missteps at launch, The Elder Scrolls Online is now an expansive experience all gamers can enjoy.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset will go live on PC on May 21, and is available for pre-purchase now in multiple editions, including a swanky physical release that comes with a statue of the Daedric Prince Mephala. Whether you play alone or with companions, the game’s combat system allows you to focus on action and tactics. You can use any weapon at any time, no matter what class, and customize your abilities to play the way you want.

Players new to ESO will be able to jump right into Summerset without playing any of the prior content, and there will be a starter area and tutorial to get newcomers acquainted with the game. PC players can enjoy an early access period from May 25. Boasting an entirely new zone filled with 30+ hours of questing, Summerset will provide fans with ample amounts of new content. It’s a great opportunity to buy cheap eso gold from ours online store.

The ESO’s Update: The Centerpiece Of The Dragon Bones Expansion

The Elder Scrolls Online features a Buy-to-Play model similar to previous Elder Scrolls titles, where one purchases the game for a flat fee and can play it for free afterwards, but there is also an optional membership program. The centerpiece of the Dragon Bones expansion is the aforementioned pair of dungeons, Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Players will encounter new and returning monsters within the two new dungeons, such as plague-ridden ogres, powerful sorcerers and their undead creations, and even the reanimated bones of an ancient dragon. Elder Scrolls Online is the story of an adventurer in search of his or her soul. If you have any questions, and you can view website to tell us at any time, we will reply you timely.

Save Morrowind: Stop a meteor from crashing into Vivec City by helping a demi-god regain his lost powers.
Become the Warden: Harness the nature-based magic of an all-new class with a War Bear battle companion at your side.
Partner with an Assassin: Aid a legendary elite member of the Morag Tong who will guide you through deadly political intrigue.
Fight Together in PvP Battlegrounds: Take the battle to the Ashlands with new 4v4v4 player vs. player combat set in competitive arena-style environments.

It takes a while for the pieces to fall into place over the course of its 100-hour main story, but in time it delivers an experience that’s at least as worthy of the Elder Scrolls name as any of the three most recent single-player games. If you’re unaccustomed to the conventions of MMOs, you may bristle at the sight of other adventurers undertaking the same clandestine dealings with the same sketchy Breton landowners. Gamers are easy to buy cheap eso gold from official website.

Endgame And Risk In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, I have seen a large amount of posts recently where people’s opinion is that endgame should have almost no barrier to entry. The wall should only be gear and player skill, and the maps/shaper sets or whatever shouldn’t be gated by currency or RNG. They seem to think that there is some pointless wall between their own characters and endgame. This isn’t the case.

The wall is a buy in. PoE is kinda like poker in that way. You need to risk and invest some currency, then you can get your chance at the rewards. If you advocate a freely accessible endgame you are missing something central to the excitement of this game: risk. For there to be an exciting endgame you have to stand to lose something.

Path of Exile

People want access to the rewards of endgame, the thrill of defeating the hardest bosses, and the potential to drop some insane items, but without taking any of the risks. What is the risk in softcore if there is little barrier to entry? Basically nothing, some lost exp.

When you need to actually invest currency and time to access the hardest content then you actually have something on the line – if you fail to beat the boss, or don’t get a good drop, then you have lost that currency/time.

It may be true that the current risk vs reward isn’t properly balanced, or that the buy in for endgame should be a bit smaller. That is fine. What is not fine is thinking that you should be able to access endgame with ZERO risk, that is not healthy for an exciting endgame.

This is part of the reason why hardcore’s economy is so much better – the constant risk of dying means the risk vs. reward is better balanced. Higher risks, higher rewards. If you constantly advocate to remove any and all forms of risk, then you will be left with nothing truly rewarding.

Just want to make it clear that I am not saying this league doesn’t have problems. Just that some form of barrier to entry serves a purpose.

Eureka Anemos Emerges From The Mists In Final Fantasy XIV

Now, the forbidden land of Eureka Anemos emerges from the mists in Final Fantasy XIV online thanks to the launch of the 4.25 patch. In this new mysterious, wild and unexplored region, in which the elements are constantly changing, Square Enix mmorpg players will be put to the test with new battle elements that they will have to master in order to obtain and upgrade new and very powerful weapons.


The patch will also include the last chapter of the adventures of the extraordinary inspector Hildibrand and the seventh season of PvP “The Feast”.

Eureka Anemos is a vast and unexplored area that introduces a series of modifications to the usual gameplay:

A large-scale gaming experience: Up to 144 players can take part in a single instance. Players are encouraged to form teams with other adventurers to hunt terrible monsters and complete common goals.

Progress of the players: Enthusiasts will get Elemental EXP to strengthen their domain of elements but will have to be careful. Death in Eureka will cause the loss of EXP and even of levels.

Modified battle mechanics: From now on you will need more strategy to dominate a system of elements with which players will have to use “Magia Board” to alter the elemental affinity of their attack and counter that of the enemy. Players will customize the elemental attributes of their “Magia Board” and will have to study them very well depending on the goal of the adventure.

Rewards: Players will occasionally get “protean crystals” by exploring Eureka and can use them to improve Eureka equipment and weapons with the help of the famous blacksmith Gerolt.

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What’s Changed In Path Of Exile Unique Item

In Path of Exile, unique items have the same implicit modifier as a normal item of the same type. Unique items are meant to be less powerful overall than high-level rare items, but offer unique gameplay and allow special character builds to be based around them. Currently there are 809 released unique poe items, including maps and items with modifier variants.

Path of Exile

Recently, there are some changes for unique items:

1. Bisco’s Collar now grants 35 to 50% increased Quantity of Items found from Slain Normal Enemies, down from 50 to 100%. Existing versions will become legacy. Using a Divine Orb will set existing versions to the new values. We’ll add this to the patch notes now.

2. The Strange Barrel unique strongbox encounter has been reworked. It still doesn’t contain swarms of things, but if it did, those swarms would spawn more quickly.

3. Shroud of the Lightless can no longer drop with 2 Abyssal sockets.

4. Projectiles from the Lightpoacher helmet’s triggered skill Spirit Burst no longer always pierce. They travel 50% slower, which also affects the distance they travel. Their damage has been reduced by 25%. This affects all versions of Lightpoacher.

5. Zerphi’s Last Breath now recovers life over 4 seconds instead of instantly. It now heals you for 450-600% of the mana cost, down from 800%. Divining existing versions of Zerphi’s Last Breath will set it to these values.

6. Doryani’s Fist now clarifies that the added lightning damage specifically applies to Unarmed attacks (any attack with a hand that is not holding an item.) This means it will not apply to Spectral Shield Throw, as that skill uses a hand that has to be holding a shield.

7. Oni-Goroshi’s drop chance has been adjusted. And by ‘adjusted’, we mean lowered. A lot.

8. Sunblast no longer causes traps to trigger when they expire, as that is now a base property of (almost) all traps.

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Best Path Of Exile Guide For Skill Gem System

What’s the skill gems in Path of Exile? Skill gems must be equipped in items sockets before their use. Skill gems are not to be confused with passive skills, which provide constant stats and mainly earned through character levelling.

One of the unique things that sets Path of Exile apart is its brilliantly designed skill system – skills come in forms of gems that are socketed in the items. At the inception of the game, many skills were obtainable only through drops, however now you can buy practically all skill gems from NPCs with exception of few.

Path of Exile

Skill gems are divided into two types – active skill gems and support gems. Active skill gems grant the player active skill such as spell, trap, mine, aura, curse or warcry. Skill gems have several tags associated with them that many beginners overlook, below I have added a picture with 3 different active skills and their tags. When active skill gems are linked with support gems, it increases mana cost of the active skill.

These tags are pretty much essential pointers for everyone, even the most experienced players – they basically tell us what kind of skill this is and which support gems are going to work with said skill.

First one – Flameblast. As you can see it has several tags – Spell, AoE, Fire, Channeling that tell us what kind of support gems would work with the skill. For example, we could link Flameblast with Faster Casting support or Spell Echo, that works with all active skill gems that have tag Spell, we could also link it to Increased Area of Effect Support or Concentrated Effect Support because of AoE tag, and Fire Penetration Support because of Fire tag.

3rd Skill gem is a minion gem – as you can see it has tag Minion, which means it will be affected by such skill gems as Minion Damage Support or Minion Life Support; it can also be supported with Faster Casting Support or Spell Echo Support.

This specific skill gem has hidden attack modifier as well – some of the minion skill gems (this included) summon minions who use attacks when they kill enemies, which means it can also be supported by Melee Splash Support, however, does not benefit from Weapon Elemental damage because they do not attack with weapons.


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