In Path of Exile, why do I want to remove Elder in the first place? New collectors of chaos orbs poe wants to train the elder fight and creates a large Elder zone starting at T1 maps.

Turns out Elder can easily spawn on a T6-7 now and beat that player. Now since the player has no training with Elder he will need a lot of time trying to beat a harder version of him before even encountering the easier white version.

Path of Exile

Hardcore player attempts red/uber elder and dies. Now he has no bosskiller charcter and cant interact with the elder mechanic for a very long time.

Elder spawns on uncompleted map x at the start of the league when the player has no high tier maps available to control the elder influence. If the player has no intention to beat elder he cant complete that map if he did elder guardians first.

I believe all 3 scenarios are somewhat likely to happen and simply feel bad for the player involved. The following were the possible solutions and their downside:

1. A vendor recipe similiar to the unshaping orb. Cost of that recipe would be up to the balance team. If this recipe is implemented in order to not completel remove elder influence this could also be used to provide a faster way to spawn elder on the desired map and for example speed up the zana questline that way.

This would have an economic impact since it would make it easier to direct the elder spawn to a specific region on the atlas especially for speedclearing characters in hardcore the impact might be pretty big. Another issue would be that new players might not know about this recipe and then its not really helpful for them.

2. Elder and his guardians disappear if their influence is too small for too long. People might unintentionally despawn Elder while trying to find the map he spawned on or after beating his guardians.

3. Elder(guardian) disappears if the map he spawned on gets cleared multiple times without fighting the boss. This is not a very intuitive mechanic.

4. A combination of some of these ideas.

So what do you guys think? Are there any other reasons why we should or should not have the ability to despawn Elder without fighting him? If you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, please keep an eye on poe trade currency.