I have been playing Path of Exile, and I just wanted to share my opinion about a few little things. The leagues are way too short for me. I can’t do the content in the time span of the league.

I know streamers and a lot of hardcore people won’t agree but I really wish there was a middle ground. As it stands I am playing standard and just finished doing elder. So that was a big deal for me.

Path of Exile

I know this league was kind of a flip so I hope they rethink the expansion release schedule. One idea is that instead of releasing new content every 3 months they have 6 month long leagues but make significant balance changes 3 months into the league and start a PvP or racing season. This could give casual people more time to flesh out the league while giving hardcore people something else to do trying different skills or PvP and racing content.

When you have already done a trial can there be a notification if you are about to enter it again. I can only blame myself but not knowing it is across an account kinda sucks. Wish I was told I didn’t need to do it again on a second character. Having the trial completion indicator before entrance would be helpful.

I saw this build of the week for righteous fire thing and I made a character using that. Which was so fun I wanted to buy the righteous fire skill cosmetic. When I am using the skill with cast when damage taken; immortal call and molten strike it makes the outer ring disappear when the cwdt procs.

So its very sad visually. I asked general chat and apparently this has been happening for a long time. Very sad for your favourite skill to be like that. Makes me not want to buy the MTX.

I think it would be cool to have a rogue exile you can randomly come across based on a real persons build. Maybe the first person that got lvl 100 in a league. Or if people can pay to have their character eternalized as a rogue exile if they pay money. It would be a neat feature to me. Thanks for reading, hope im not alone in the league length thing at least. Welcome other opinions.