Path of Exile Royale is out and everyone is wondering: how do I get a free meal? Well I’ve won a game for myself, as well as spectated a few others winning, and figured out what is (probably) the most “optimal” strategy for winning. Of course, buy poe orbs cheap is important.

The most powerful mechanic at these low levels is chill. Chill is incredible, because the chances that your opponents have heat flasks is extremely slow. Keeping that in mind, Let’s dive into this helpful tips:

Path of Exile

1. Pick Ranger. Ranger gives you access to scaling for two different chill skills; Frost Blades and Ice Shot. Shrapnel Shot is great for opening too, as you can kill mobs efficiently – but you eventually want to replace it.

2. Kill magic monsters and rare monsters when you see them. They give you HUGE amounts of experience, and getting to stuff like Heart of Oak by the end of the game is a big advantage!

3. If you find any good quivers, bows, or weapons keep them in your inventory even if you aren’t using them. Depending on what drops, it may be beneficial to switch skills halfway through the match.

4. Your end-game is generally a good Short Bow + Craghead, or Screaming Eagle + a good shield. Craghead allows for some rather hilarious chain stunning (I stun locked a duelist for 6 seconds straight with a terrible Crude Bow to win one match), and Screaming Eagle’s speed + equipped shield bonuses outclass everything else for Frost Blades. These items are also all fairly common compared to a Tabula.

5. Always equip evasion gear over armour, as it’s your only reliable source of mitigation against elemental attacks.

I’m sure there will be other experienced players better than my guide, but that strategy above worked flawlessly for me. Regardless, there’s a big element of RNG to winning based on who gets what drops, so don’t expect to win your first game.

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