This diagram, used with the 1-2 layout, will stop you from getting caught out by the counter-attack. Choose a defender to control as shown in the picture, hold secondary contain but make sure to position yourself in between the ball and the man running off the ball. By doing this, you’ll slow the players down to give your other players time to recover their runs.

Defending counter attacks is relatively simple. If you find yourself 2v2, as you often will in a counter-attack situation, then using the defending against 1-2s method and this diagram will work superbly. If the numbers aren’t in your favor, so it is 2v1, 3v2 or even worse 4/5v2 all you can do is try to slow them down. Don’t try and win the ball back, use the jockey and stand 5/10 yards off the player with the ball. You want to force the player to carry the ball into a full area if possible or push them into a long shot.

If it is two attackers against your one defender, then you want to position yourself in-between the players to cut off the passing angle or through ball to the man without the ball. By doing this, you will slow the playdown, and then hopefully you can get defenders back in numbers to help win the ball back. If you find you are getting caught out by teams using the counter an awful lot then adopt some defensive custom tactics or play with ultra-defensive on. This should keep the shape of your defense intact, and you shouldn’t be getting caught outnumbered at the back. Having a formation with five at the end, such as the 5-2-2-1 or the 5-3-2 Formations can help cut out the threat of counter-attacks also.

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