After a significant overhaul, Escape from Tarkov has suddenly become one of the most popular games of 2020. Small Russian studio Battlestate Games developed the 3-year-old ultra-realistic shooter on PC, but it’s now amassing more views on Twitch than Fortnite and League of Legends.

High risk means high return. In the game, players wear only a saber, quickly collect EFT Items in the shortest time, and successfully evacuate. This is the solution with the least investment and the highest return. However, this scheme has high requirements for the route. How should Sanatorium plan the journey as an area with abundant supplies? See Sanatorium Guides below. I hope to bring you some help.

Reaching Sanatorium as soon as possible is only the first step. You need to be familiar with the terrain and distribution of material points inside Sanatorium and quickly collect the material.

The building structure of Sanatorium
The Sanatorium has a total of three buildings, namely the east building, the west building, and the middle building. Let’s talk about the East Building and the West Building. Both the East Building and the West Building are three-story buildings with three stairs inside.
The back stairs reach the roof. The east-west building is mirror-symmetric. The rules for the distribution of rooms in the building are the closest to the central place, the smaller the room number, and the closer to the rooms on both sides of the map, the larger the room number. There is a “sunshine passage” in the two # building connecting the east and west buildings. This is also the only passage that can move directly between the two buildings. Otherwise, you will need to go around from the outside of the building.

After introducing the room structure, the next step is the supplies. The Sanatorium is rich in material, but because there are more rooms, it is more challenging to collect. You need to complete all the collection work in the shortest time, and at the same time be prepared to prevent enemy attacks—difficult challenge. The following provides a map of the material distribution in Sanatorium. Although it can reduce a certain amount of work, it is not easy to act.
For novices, the amount of information above is a bit too large, and I can’t remember it for a while. If you want to choose from so many rooms, it is recommended first. , 306/308; West Building: 104, 112, 301, 216, 220, 222/221/218;

In the above order, you can save a lot of time when collecting materials, but the most crucial point is that you need to keep practicing. Although you may remember all the room locations, it does not mean that you can evacuate quickly and safely. If you need to bring some valuables, it is best to buy them insurance, eznpc sells Cheap EFT Roubles.