The AOE Tierlist categorizes descendant classes according to their effectiveness in handling Area of Effect (AOE) situations, crucial for dealing with multiple enemies simultaneously. here’s a concise ranking of The First Descendant characters focusing on their Area of Effect (AOE) capabilities:

S Tier:
· Bunny: Considered the strongest character for AOE damage due to her speed and destruction potential. With TFD Descendant & Weapon Best Mod Guide (Updates), you can control Bunny’s AOE damage.
· Jayber: Excels at mob clearing while also providing utility and healing.

A Tier:
· Valby: Strong all-around character with good AOE damage and utility.
· Esiemo: Ranked A+ for mobbing, indicating strong AOE capabilities.
· Freyna: Solid AOE damage dealer with DoT (Damage over Time) abilities.

B Tier:
· Lepic: Good starting character with a mix of survivability and AOE damage.
· Kyle: Tanky character with some AOE potential, especially with his ultimate skill.
· Gley: While strong in burst damage, also has decent AOE capabilities.

C Tier:
· Sharen: Good for mobbing but underperforms in other areas.
· Blair: Fire damage over time character with some AOE potential, but lacks mobility.
· Viessa: Has some AOE capabilities but ranked lower overall.

It’s important to note that this ranking focuses primarily on AOE capabilities and may differ from overall character rankings. The effectiveness of characters can vary depending on individual playstyle, team composition, and specific game modes. Additionally, as the game receives updates and balance changes, these rankings may shift over time.

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